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Eight Lame Ducks

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 8, 2016

CanardI try to be positive on my website. Generally speaking, I like to sample and write about spirits which I genuinely enjoy, rather than those which leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth. In fact, the experience of putting something into my mouth that tastes bad is one I tend to avoid. However, despite my efforts to avoid bad experiences, I nevertheless do sometimes accept samples which I wish I had not, and at times well-meaning friends or family members gift me bottles which if I had my druthers, I wish they would have kept to themselves.

In my effort to help you avoid these same mistakes, I have created the Rum Howler Canards of 2015.

A canard, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is the french word for duck. It is also a slang term for something that isn’t quite right. An item which promises to be wonderful, but upon examination turns out to be something less, something which disappoints rather than exhilarates.

And that is precisely what my Canards recognize. These spirits promised me pleasure, but granted me something much less. And my Rum Howler Canards of 2015 are for the 8 Lame Ducks of the previous year.

These Eight Canards are revealed here:

The Rum Howler Canards of 2015


7 Responses to “Eight Lame Ducks”

  1. Omineca Greg! said

    Hi Chip!

    I totally agree with the Evolution pick.

    One of the fun things about tasting the different spirits is that there is a relatively high floor; some are great, some aren’t so great, but rarely is something so awful it can’t be enjoyed in some fashion. Even if that means whipping out the fruit juice or the cola or what have you.

    Evolution was almost the exception to that.

    It was awful. I stuck with it for awhile, as Heart of Gold, (the special release from the previous year) didn’t do much for me when I first tried it, but by the time I got about half way through the bottle I had really come to enjoy it. No such luck with Evolution. I couldn’t drink it , no matter how I tried; only my innate cheapness kept my from pouring it down the drain…

    Fortunately, in the end I found a mixer that it tasted pretty good with, and I was able to salvage the last part of my bottle. The answer to the Evolution enigma? Eggnog! The sherry/whisky balancing act worked really nicely in the eggnog, which makes sense. It probably would have been better to buy my own sherry and my own whisky and mix that with the eggnog myself and save a bit of dosh, but in the end it worked out OK…still though, that bottle was a real disappointment.

    • I still have two sealed bottles I bought during the special release offering, I guess I will try your eggnog trick this Christmas …

  2. Lance R. said

    I’m a rum guy, so here are mine:

    Pyrat’s XO & 1623
    Coruba Dark (and also the 12 year old)
    Downslope Distilling Wine Aged Rum
    Ron Barcelo Anejo 37.5%
    Stroh 54

    What perplexes me is how the first three on this list keep being touted as people’s favourites, but I guess everyone has their preferences.

    • The only ones I disagree strongly with are the Pyrat’s XO And the Coruba Dark which I found quite tasty. The rest could have made it onto a similar list. Thanks for sharing Lance, and now you know why I needed a picture of a duck.

  3. jsteeves72 said

    Good morning. Hyperlinks don’t seem to be connected here or on the blog site.

    Have a good one


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