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Brandied Cherries

Brandied Cherries

Fresh (or frozen) pitted Cherries (enough to fill a 250ml jar)
1/4 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Water
2 Tsp. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
1 whole Clove
1 whole Allspice
1 Cinnamon Stick
Sprinkle of Nutmeg
1/2 cup Brandy (I used Paarl Five Star)
1 250 ml canning jar with lid

First Sterilize your Canning Jar

Place the canning jar upside down in a saucepan half full of water and bring to a boil
Place the lid in the boiling water too.
Boil for up to 15 minutes to sterilize the jar and lid

While the Canning Jar is being Sterilized

In another saucepan, add the sugar, water, lemon juice, and the spices
Slowly bring the mixture to a soft boil.
Maintain just enough heat to keep the syrup lightly simmering for 10 to 12 minutes
Remove from heat and add the Brandy and Cherries
Let sit for one minute
Remove your canning jar and lid from the water bath
Remove the cherries from the thickened spicy syrup and add them to your canning jar.
Strain the spicy syrup over the cherries using just enough syrup to cover the cherries.
Seal the jar with your lid

Make sure the lid is tight
Place upside down in boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes
Place on the counter and let sit until the lid forms a seal on the jar.
Keep sealed in a cool place (basement or cupboard will do) for at least six weeks.

Enjoy your Brandied Cherries!

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