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Copyright is inherent when an original work is created. This means that the producer of original work is automatically granted copyright protection. This copyright protection not only exists in North America, but extends to other countries as well. This means that all of the work produced on this blog is protected by copyright, including all of the pictures and all of the articles. These original works may not be copied or reused in any way whatsoever without the permission of the author, Chip Dykstra.

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I have been writing reviews of distilled spirits for about 7 years now. It began when I posted a few mad ramblings on the Ministry of Rum which gave my views on a few of the more popular Rum Brands. Soon after those ramblings were published, I was contacted by the owner of a website called Rum Connection. He was wondering if I would be interested in writing a few reviews for his website. I decided to give it a try, and the result was my first published review. The folks at Rum Connection apparently liked what I wrote, and during the next year I published about 15 reviews for them.

Reviewing rum was so much fun that I decided to create my website, but not just for Rum. I made the decision that I would discuss all distilled spirits, and when I opened this website in October of 2009, I made sure I added a few Whisky Reviews, some Gin Reviews and a couple Tequila Reviews such that most of the major distilled spirit categories were represented. (Since opening the website, I have expanded the range to also include Vodka Reviews, Liqueurs, Port and Dessert Wines, Brandy and Cognac.) Although my focus is primarily upon Rum and Whisky, it is my belief that acquiring knowledge and skill with respect to all spirits serves to broaden my perspective and is beneficial to my over-all understanding of distilled spirits.

For what it is worth, people (and industry) seem to like what I write. Since opening the website, I have  been asked four times to act as a Spirits Judge for the annual Canadian Whisky Awards; as well I have twice been asked to join the international panel of judges for the International RumXP Competition at Rum Renaissance in Miami. Having said that, I think it would be true to state that the reviews on this website represents more of a knowledgeable layman’s perspective than that of a professional taster.

I hope you enjoy the reviews on my website and find value in them; but always remember that an opinion is just that, an opinion. Do not take my writing too seriously, for opinions vary and in the end, only you can really decide if a spirit gives you enjoyment. Use my reviews as a guide, but trust your own tastes and preferences as well.


Note: I sometimes receive comments and messages from persons who wish me to comment on the value of bottles of whisky and rum that they have in their possession. And from persons who wish to use my blog as a means to sell such bottles. Although I thank you for reading my blog, I cannot help you in these matters. My suggestion for you is to visit or the Ministry of Rum where it appears help in these matters may be  provided.


381 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Guiness said

    Hello Chip,

    Love the rum reviews and very happy to see my two favorites, Havana Club 7 Años and Legendario Elixir de Cuba well thought of here!

    I can’t seem to comment on the pages with the actual rum reviews, have you disabled that?


    • I used to leave the comments section open on every page, but found my time was completely taken up by moderating my website instead of being able to add to it. Now when I publish a new review, the comments section is open on the front page posting for 60 days after which it is automatically disabled. This allows regular followers of my blog to comment easily, but spares me from needing to respond to a comment about reviews written many months or even years ago.

  2. Benjamin Johns said

    Hi Chip,
    Just found your site, there’s a treasure trove of information here. Given some of your reviews on rums and whisky, I can highly recommend that you try and get your hands on some of the Australian varieties, specifically the ones from Tasmania like Sullivan’s Cove if you can. All of their whisky is fantastic. Note they also distill a vodka called Firedrum that is amazing.

  3. Joel stumme said

    Hey arctic have you ever tried château depaz blue cane rhum agricole

  4. Michael said

    What would you recommend for an excellent base rum for an old fashioned variant? I’m looking for something that’s not too sweet (because it’ll get a small portion of demerara syrup in the mixing), can hold up to a bit of dilution, and benefits from some bitters to clear the pallet in between sips, but is otherwise interesting enough to hold the stage alone.

    Your reviews have steered me away from many rums that I now believe would be too sweet, but I figured on the rest of the notes, I’d just ask directly. I’m happy to spend a fair bit if necessary, as this is for a small gathering of friends.

  5. Sheilah Bowden said

    Hi Chip! I’m new to your blog and am quite interested in your review on Ron Anejo. I was given a bottle of Brugal, Anejo Centinnial Limited Edition 1888-1988. The bottle is beautiful and I can’t wait to try it. What can you tell me about it? I would hate to ruin it with Coke if it’s meant to be savored on the rocks. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Sheilah

      Not familiar with that specific Brugal Anejo, so I can only give general advice. I say sip it neat to see if you like it that way, then try it with some ice, and finally add just a splash of cola. Then enjoy the rum whichever way pleased you the most.

  6. JD said

    I have really enjoyed your site and reviews. Though no longer a neophyte to sipping rums, I would still consider myself to be early in my knowledge on the topic. So I still lean heavily on review sites like yours to help me wind my way through the vast assortment of choices. But I’m also thrilled at the adventure and to be learning more. In fact, several friends from work have now joined me in a make-shift group that enjoys infrequent outtings specifically for rum tastings.

    Your reviews have helped me/us on several occasions when looking for something new to sip. Sometimes we disagree on what we like, I think I lean toward sweeter offerings than you do. but that’s the beauty of it, right? Different tastes for different tastes. I’ve also found myself returning to bottles I previously didn’t care for, but now find new enjoyment in them. Regardless, your site helps me to make educated decisions.

    Many thanks for the information provided.

    PS – I was recently gifted a bottle of Ron Cartavio XO and was thoroughly pleased with it. Have you tried that? I didn’t see a review for it on your site.

  7. Alberta Cook said

    Hello, this may seem like a stupid question. In your opinion, which rum is best with Coke? My husband is a big fan of it and your blog! Thank you very much.

  8. Rob S. said

    Hi Chip! I’m a big fan of the site – your reviews are always informative and entertaining. I recently read Josh Miller’s excellent article on home Solera(ish) aging of rum, and I was curious if you could provide any suggestions or resources for the neophyte rum blender. Have you published any material on the subject? I’ve noticed a few review pics with oak casks alongside the bottles, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask…

    Cheers, and thanks for all the great suggestions!

  9. Tony Jones said

    I’ve been enjoying Graham’s LBV 2009 recently with white stilton.
    It’s often on offer around £10, which feels a good deal.
    What are your thoughts – have you you tried it, are you going to do a review?
    I have a taster case from Graham on the sideboard – 5x 20cl bottles (white, 6Grape, LBV, 10Tawney, 20Tawney)
    Won’t that be a happy session?
    Best wishes, thanks for a great site

    • Hi Tony

      I have a Graham’s 2003 LBV in my review queue, but sadly no 2009 at this time: however I can say with confidence that I have never tasted a Graham’s which I did not enjoy. (Envy your Graham’s taster case, too bad you are so far away.)

  10. Peter White said

    Hey Chip

    Have tried the newly released Gooderham & Worts 4 grain? I think you will enjoy this one 🙂

  11. Ralph Volkert said

    Question! When I have heard about taste testing spirits in the past it has been mentioned by distillers that spirits like whiskies should not be drinken staight but cut with a little water to get past the burn of the alcohol to get to the taste and enjoyment. I would be interested in your input regarding this.

    Note: I have just discovered your blog and must say I have been enjoying it immensely! I Have to say that the Eldorado 21 is one of the finest sipping spirit, let alone rum, I can ever remember tasting! I want to thank you for bringing it to my attention! AND yes I have requested a subscription!

    • Hi Ralph

      Spirits should be enjoyed in whatever manner which suits the one who is imbibing. I rarely add water, instead I allow the glass to breathe for a few minutes (One minute for each year the spirit has aged is a decent rule of thumb) which allows the harsh alcohol vapours to dissapate and seems to bring increased complexity to the glass. I will experiment with ice which I find brings the more bitter flavours like chocolate and treacle forward, and i may even add a dash of soda. When I have found my particular sweet spot for the spirit, then i do not worry over what others may have to say about it.

      As an aside, after talking with many master distillers and blenders of both rum and whisky, I have found my approach to enjoyment is not that much different from the actual people who make the spirits.

  12. Saskatchewan Mike said

    Hello! I enjoy reading your reviews, and have purchased several rums based on your scores. Never been disappointed yet! I have come to really enjoy El Dorado and Appleton 12yr rums, as well as Bacardi 8.

    I was wondering if you have heard of, or plan to review Bacardi Reserva Limitada?


  13. Phillip Chiricotti said

    Different strokes for different folks. I am a huge fan of the El Dorado 12 & 21, but I poured the 8 down the drain. Maybe the bottling varies, but not even close to their standards.

  14. Simon said

    Hi Chip

    I’m currently working my way through a bottle of Angostura 1919, purchased a few months ago, and the review on your site is spot on, the way you have described it is pretty much how it smells and tastes. However, the last time I had the 1919, late 2013, it tasted nothing like this at all, it was super vanillary on the nose and was like drinking liquid caramel. Now the vanilla has all but disappeared as has the caramel taste, to be replaced by those grassy, herbal, tobacco, dried flowers tastes and aromas that you described it as having. It tastes like a completely different rum. What’s happened ? Has Angostura changed the formula ? Have I possibly picked up a dud bottle ? It seems strange to me that a rum could change so drastically like this.

    • Hi Simon

      My review marks my first serious exploration of the Angostura 1919, so I cannot vouch for (nor deny) your observation of a flavour change. Neither do I have any inside information regarding such a change.

      • Simon Colwell said

        Hi Chip

        I’ve recently read of a scandal involving Angostura buying bulk rums and simply repackaging them.

        Is it possible this could be the reason for the change in taste of the 1919 ?


        • Thanks for the link to Bill’s article Simon.

          Regarding the difference in taste of the 1919 Rum, I have only tasted and reviewed it once, so I cannot say with any degree of certainty whether any such significant difference exists. If people have been noticing a flavour change it could be related to batch variation or to a change in blending practice.

          I have noted that many of my favourite whisky brands are demonstating a change in taste profile (when I re-taste them) which I have suggested is related to younger whiskies used in the blending process, and/or a difference in barrel profile. As older whisky stocks are diminishing producers are struggling to maintain brand profiles. I suspect the same pressures are at work in the Rum Industry.

          With respect specifically to the article about Angostura buying and repackaging bulk rum, it is difficult to say anything with certainty as the article does not specifically link any particular Angostura brand to the bulk rum from other countries. Any conclusions are simply conjecture at this point. Having said that, it does not look positive for Angostura so hopefully they will get ahead of this with a full explanation of what has transpired.

  15. Peter White said

    Hello Chip,

    I have some friends at work (mostly Bosses) who travel to Calgary and Edmonton. They have told me that they would bring back some Alberta Premium 25 years or 30 if they knew where to go. Would any of these still be available in Alberta, or are we talking a concentrated search?

    Would you know if any of these will be released again in the near future.


  16. Harvey said

    I have been a subscriber for a number of years, originally for the Rum Reviews. I still sip excellent Rums many recommended by you, but now mostly go for Bourbons. I though I found nirvana with the Knob Creek 120 which your rate highly but my new favorite is Booker’s (127+/-) which you rate off the charts. My wife is a confirmed Scotch drinker whose favorite is Lagavulin which most either love or hate because of the intense peat taste. The reason for this post is I gave my wife a taste of the Booker’s and she was amazed how much she likes it because she usually doesn’t like my bourbons at all. Anyone who likes Bourbon should give Booker’s a taste, but be careful with the 127 proof.
    Thanks Chip for this labor of love.

  17. Paul said

    Just want to say thanks so much for this awesome blog! I never buy a new bottle of Rum before checking with your site and when i do, its always bang on the money! I reckon we have very similar taste buds 🙂
    Thanks very much again and keep up the good work.

  18. Ryuji Yamazaki 0r0chi said

    Sorry, I forgot to mention love you site and information its the best. Second is i notice on the rum page you stated flor de cana was discontinued. Do you reside in the USA? Here in northeast, they still sell all years and it has become very popular. The styles of the bottles have changed. Unless you mean they will stop selling starting this year. Also I meant to say on my original post have you tried and will try those rum. Also add Khukri Rum (Nepal) to that list.

    • Flor de Cana has not been discontinued; however, the age stated bottlings which I previously reviewed have. The old bottlings clearly stated 7 years old, 12 years old and 18 years old upon their labels. The new Flor de cana bottlings (the 7, the 12, and the 18) no longer have valid age statements on their labels. (Just because you call something Flor de Cana 18 does not mean that you are stating that it is 18 years old. The 18 has become merely a name and may not have any relationship at all to the age of what is inside.)

      So on my rum reviews page I am merely making it clear that the previous bottlings which I reviewed may not have any relationship at all to the newer bottlings.

      BTW: If a rum is not listed on my rum review page it means either I have not tried it, or that when I tried it (perhaps at a trade show) my palate may have been compromised and therefore any comment by me would be meaningless)

  19. SmarterThanYourAverageBear said

    I just tried Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 yesterday for the first time. Your review was spot on.

  20. Alessandro said

    Hello Chip,
    I’m Alessandro and I’m writing from Italy. I’m 22 years old and I’m not very experienced in the world of the spirits. However a friend of mine shared with me his love for the Rum and the Gin. One year ago I was looking for a really good sipping Rum and I read some of your reviews. I bought a bottle of Diplomatico Reserva Esclusiva and I must admit that you really earned my trust. It’s amazing!
    Now I’d like to buy a bottle or high quality Gin. I’d drink it either neat or mixed with Vermouth and Campari (The Negroni cocktail is one of my favourites). I found the Citadelle Reserve (2011) to be the best candidate but unfortunately I’ve only found the 2012 version in my country. My question is…do you know if there is a significant difference between the two versions?

    Thank you for you time and sorry if my English isn’t perfect!

  21. Earl said

    Your review of the Barcelo Imperial was spot on, although my bottle had no issue with the stopper.
    Have you had a chance to review the Barcelo 30th Anniversary bottle? I thought I read your review on that, but could not find it. I found several bottles of it in Florida, but at $110 US per bottle I decided to hold off until I had seen your review on it.

    • Hi Earl

      Sorry but I have not reviewed the 30th Anniversary Bottle. Based upon my experience thus far with the Barcelo brand, I would pass for now on something that expensive!

  22. Diane said

    Have you ever done a review of Rittenhouse 100 proof? I can’t see it on your list, but maybe I’ve missed it somewhere. Thanks!

  23. Beluga Lover said

    Hi Chip

    Love your website and the reviews. I’d love to sip some Beluga with you one day, the Gold Line is my favourite vodka in the world too! The standard Noble stuff is great too.

    I noticed you haven’t reviewed any Martell Cognacs yet! I have to say, it’s probably my favourite from the “Big 4”. Any chance of a review in the future?

    • Beluga is fantastic!

      As for the Martell Cognacs, I imagine at some point I will get to them, but they are not high on my radar just yet. I am planning a Tequila Series wrapped around a Margarita Theme as my next big project, and then I might grapple with a little Grappa after that. And of course the Rum and Whisky reviews continue unabated! 🙂

  24. Peter said

    Hey Chip

    Would a review of Brugal 1888 be on your agenda?

    Keep up the good work

  25. F Scott Bucky said

    A friend just recommended this site after introducing me to the wonderful world of CDN whiskies. Have to confess that from highschool memories 35 yrs back, i had no interest. Most of the intervening yrs spent enjoying a travelogue through Scotland’s finest, copy of Michael Jackson’s single malt guide in hand. This past month i was gifted a bottle of Wiser’s 18 yr old, Lot 40 and Alberta Springs, along with a ref to your site. WOW! What a treasure. Thank you for the dedication of effort and the celebration of spirit.

  26. Bernie said

    Have you ever reviewed Johnnie Walker Double Black? What do you think?

  27. Diane said

    Just wondering if you have yet reviewed Canadian Club Maple – I cannot find it on your blog, and it’s just gone on sale here in B.C. I’m finishing my bottle of Sortilege, and know the CC isn’t a liqueur, but I cannot locate any more information about it, or reviews of it. Thanks!

    • There are many flavoured whiskies popping up all over the landscape, and I have only sampled a few. The maple flavoured whiskies seem on average to be better than most, although to be honest, I prefer my whisky unflavoured.

  28. Jono Matchett said

    Hi Chip,

    Your whisky reviews have got me interested in cdn whisky. I have learned and ton from your website – thanks!
    I was wondering how you can which batch or year and whisky is from? I went to the lcbo here in Ontario to buy Wiser’s 18 and it did not have any batch numbers, which I thought was strange. Any advice for a new buyer?

    • Hi Jono

      Thanks for the kind words with respect to my reviews. I receive almost all of my samples for review from industry and they provide me with the information which I require for my reviews.

  29. carlilem said

    Found a bottle of Diplomatico single vintage 2000 in of all places Langdon AB. Was wondering if you have tasted this rum? At more than twice the price of Reserva Exclusiva some advice would be nice.

  30. Mike said

    Hi Chip!

    I just want to say that for the past year or so, your reviews have helped me grow into an intermediate aficionado of fine spirits. As I always am on the lookout for the next beer/spirit to try, every wednesday/thursday I scour my local liquor flyers to see if anything good is on sale and before I make a purchase, I’m always keen to check your website first to see if you’ve reviewed it. Although I’m only 20, I can say with pride that my liquor cabinet is brimming with fine whiskeys, rums, vodkas, and gins as recommended by you. Once again, thank you so much for your guidance and sage words in helping this guy have a better appreciation for well-crafted spirits! Tonight, I’ll be trying the Knob Creek 9 YO!

    – Mike

  31. Michael Wilson said

    Happy New Year Chip!

    Thought I’d say hi, I’m a local boy who has been using your reviews to compare and deduce what spirits I should try next (like you, I have a taste for great rums) and have had a wonderful time doing it, so thank you for this wonderful service! It’s Robbie Burns day and I’m sipping on my 14 year Oban Scotch Whiskey and was thinking to myself, “I wonder what does Chip think about this?”. Low and behold, there’s no review for this whiskey on your website. I picked it up at Costco for $80 and would like to hear your thoughts on it if you’ve ever had the pleasure. It’s certainly worth a taste.

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

    PS. Where do you normally go for your none-review based rums (the ones you already reviewed and are just buying some for the love of it)? I live in St. Albert so Campbell Liquor or Sherbrooke are my go to’s. Great & informed staff at both locations.

    • Hi Michael. I am glad you follow my website, and thank you for the kind words. I have sippied the Oban in the past and found it a nice moderately complex scotch which is quite nice. Unfortunately a review is not in the works (at least in the short term) as I have no sample bottles to work from. My work is done almost entirely from samples provided by industry and I now rarely purchase whisky or rum as my sample shelf is almost always full and many of my prized rums and whiskies have only a few swallows taken from the bottles.

  32. Dr Alan F Pye said

    Oi, Chip,
    Loved your gin winners for 2014. Heroic work and a nice range of criteria — thank you! Umm, there are a few confusing editorial 2013s in your report though. Must have been the early hours of the morning… 🙂
    Please keep up the sterling work and thanks again. Alan

    • Thanks Alan, I appreciate it when my typos are pointed out as it just plain looks bad when they are left in. I think I got them all fixed, and you are right it was early in the morning when I finished writing the awards page. Early in the morning and perhaps one too many Gin Martinis. 🙂

  33. Daniel said

    Hi Chip. Happy New Year to you and your family! Been following you for about a year now and I just had to say your website is great! I have turned so many of my rum-drinking friends on to it and they all love it. I had a quick question. My favourite rum, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva used to have a rating of 97 and now has a rating of 94.5. I was wondering what the reason is for this or did I read the rating wrong when I first came to the site? Thanks in advance and cheers!

  34. Peter said

    Hey Chip,

    I know you have a lot on your table, but would you consider an updated Bourbon/American Whisky list. Your long ago review of Bookers inspired me to purchase a bottle and some time later get the last available bottle (for now) in Ontario. My wife now blames you for my 4 month spending spree of every whisky/Rum I can stuff into my bar 🙂

    If you can get some of the E H Taylor whiskies (especially the Rye) you will not be disappointed.


  35. Adam Malay said

    I have a bottle of rum called Saba Island Rum, from Maple Leaf Distillers. Its a white rum. I know absolutely nothing about it, I haven’t cracked it open yet. Have you ever tasted or scored it?

  36. Brenda Helm said

    reading your reviews of Canadian whiskies…and all your reviews. If you want something truly different, I would encourage yiu to come to Saskatchewan and visit Lucky Bastard Distillery. It is a small operation out of Saskatoon, but they are as different as they come. Their Gin is like no other. Their Chai Vodka is truly unique. Their spiced Rum is like none I have ever had before. And they have just released their firstbatch of whiskey. I havent tried it yet but I cant wait. Come and try some. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

  37. Nick Apivor said

    Excited to see that the Legendario line is FINALLY available in B.C. Bought a bottle of Elixer de Cuba and loving it!

  38. evgeny said

    Hi Chip! What should I buy Flor de Cana 12 or Doorly’s Fine Old Barbados Rum (XO)?

  39. Peter said

    Hey Chip

    Always enjoy your reviews. Much of my purchases are based on them and you have not let me down yet.

    I purchased a bottle of Elijah Craig 12 yr 94 proof recently and was very impressed, especially at the $40 cdn price tag.

    Would like to hear your thoughts on it and is it on your radar to review.

    Thanks again

  40. prms said

    Hey Chip, I really dig your vodka reviews and the overview list. Helped me spot the gems after I realized I’m a real vodka lover!
    However, I noticed your recent articles are not including any vodkas 😥 Last one I saw was the Belvedere….
    Any updates coming up?

    • Hi prms

      I have to admit that I am a little behind in my reviews right now. In my review queue I have 6 rums to get at, about four whiskies, six Cognacs, and a couple of Tequilas as well as five Vodkas (Absolut, Potter’s, Skye, Alberta Pure and Polar Ice). My mood will determine what gets reviewed in what order, but I will get to the Vodka, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  41. Pierre-Alex said

    Hi Chip, I really like your website and it is really useful to me, I have a question for you and I did’nt know where to go so I decided to wrote it here, I will go to Cuba in December and I’d like to know which Rhum I should buy, I really like the El Dorado 12 years from Guyana so I’d like something similar to that. I’d also like to know which Rum I should try there.

  42. Bryant Pierpont said

    Love your reviews and, like you, my preference is rum. However, I do enjoy a good gin. A Brit pointed me toward Plymouth gin. In a gin and tonic (made with lemon, not lime), I found it to be spectacular…far better than others I’ve tried over the years. Might be worth a review on a cold wet “tweedy” evening.

  43. Motozappa said

    Hi Chip (aka, Artic Wolf),

    I hope you enjoyed the summer, are all stocked and ready for the winter!

    I’m curious, I hadn’t seen a review from you for R. L. Seale’s rum from Barbados, had I missed something? I found it locally here in Connecticut for under $20 USD for an impressive 750ml bottle! In my humble opinion it was pretty decent, but not quite up to snuff with Doorley’s.

    Thanks in advance,

  44. Peter said

    Wanted to say I enjoy this site and I visit regularly. I picked up my first bottle of Ron Diplimatico Reserva Excusiva and I it is now my favorite and the cost is so reasonable. Picking up another immediately in case of emergency. Also picked up a Flor de Cana 12 and really liked it as well, so inexpensive. I was given an El Dorado 15 last Christmas and still struggle with it (too sweet and heavy). I like the ED 12 more. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your reviews and your site. Enjoy the Whiskey reviews as well.

  45. Scott S. said

    Hi! Really enjoy your blog. Curious if price affects your reviews at all as it doesn’t seem to be mentioned much. For example, I know it wasn’t your favorite rum, but a store near me has a TON of Mt. Gay Extra Old Rum on clearance for $26 so just wondering if it’s worth the cost. (I did order a bottle, seemed too good to pass up 🙂 )

  46. Adam Malay said

    I love reading your reviews and find them helpful. My buddies and I get together at least once a week and sip some tasty rums (mix a lot too).
    I have a question, or maybe it is an observation…. when visiting my Dad the other month, he presented me with a full bottle of Appleton 12 yr old rum that he has had since the early 1980’s, proclaiming “I hate Jamaican rum, do you want this?’. Now, to be truthful, I cannot fault him too much on this statement -I’m not a huge fan of Appleton. Nonetheless, I was happy to take the bottle off his hands. The other day, myself and my regular group of rummies did the “taste challenge”…. we went head to head with the vintage 12 yr old Appleton vs. an off the shelf 12 yr old Appleton. Hands down, the old bottle was by far superior. Now here is the question….. I have been told that alcohol does not age once it has been bottled. So why does the older, vintage bottle taste so much superior? They are both 12 yr old rums. My next thought is it because the recipe has changed?
    I would like to know your opinion.

    • Hi Adam

      Sorry for the delay in response. All spirit blends change over time, and sometimes the blends are even produced with slight differences for different markets. In Canada for example, Appleton used to incorporate a little bit of Canadian Rum within some of their blends to take advantage of our Canadian Tax Laws. They no longer do this but it does mean the older blends made for the Canadian market may taste a little differently because of this Canadian content. More likely though it is just the slow evolution over time of the rum as its flavour profile is refined.

      I myself have note changes in the 12 year old during the past 5 years, although unlike you my scores for the rum have gradually increased rather than decreased.

  47. danny antoniazzi said

    Hello there.
    I was wondering if you will ever review RUm from Costa Rica? I have had the Ron CENTENNARIO 20 and 25year and find it simply one of the best I have had. Unfortunately, it is not available in Canada.

  48. Keith Telling said

    RegardingPlantation Guatemala Gran Anejo Rum.
    Think the production for the UK in now under the Marks & Spencer “Plantation Rum” brand from Guatamala.
    I am happy to be corrected.

    • It seems apparent that Marks and Spencer has indeed contracted with Plantation Rum to finish and bottle various Marks and Spencer branded rums for the UK Market; but it is a stretch to say these will automatically be the same as the Plantation branded Rums. In the case of the Guatemalan rum. although the “Marks and Spencer” branded rum appears to be finished and bottled by Plantation Rum from what may or may not be similar Guatemalan rum stocks, it is not really the same rum. The obvious difference is that the Mark and Spencer brand is bottled at a lower proof. As well, I see no evidence from the labeling of these rums which supports that the marks and Spencer rum is made from the same blended stocks as the Plantation Guatemala Gran Anejo. Although Ron Botran is the likely source of both rums, their blending facilities which utilize many different types of oak barrels barrels allows them to construct many different solera style rum blends.

  49. Johanna said

    Just introduced to your site and finding it very enlightening. I really enjoy G&T and wonder if you will be reviewing Tanquery w/Rangpur.

  50. B Gull said

    I have grown to love your blog and visit it often when looking to add to my small but growing rum and whiskey collection at home. Sounds like I have a long way to go, but I’m also running out of space to display everything in my small bar! Some individual reviews have left me wishing I could comment or ask a follow up question, however this is the only page on your site that lets me leave a reply – have comments been disabled for most reviews?

    • Because i have written over 500 reviews and published over 900 individual pages, it became impossible to respond or even to vette all of the individual comments I was receiving. Therefore I turned the comments off on almost all of my pages (soon it will be all). You can still comment on the front page postings but only for the first 30 days after publication.

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