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Premium British Navy Pusser’s Rum Cake

Premium British Navy Pusser’s Rum Cake
a review by Chip Dykstra (Aka Arctic Wolf)

(l would like to thank Adam Dell and Michael Daniels for the hoops they jumped through to get the Pusser’s Rum Cake to my doorstep.)

For a good part of the last three centuries, it has been a tradition of sorts  for the British Royal Navy to bake cakes for special occasions and events. These cakes (including incidentally, the traditional  Christmas Cake), typically use the Rum associated with the British Royal Navy, Pusser’s Rum, as an integral part of the recipe.

With that tradition as the starting point, Pusser’s has introduced their own Premium British Navy Pusser’s Rum Cake. Each of these rum cakes contains three ounces of Pusser’s Rum, and it is this rum which is at the forefront of both the aroma and the flavour of the cake.

The Review (of sorts)

About three weeks ago I received some emails from a couple of representatives at Pusser’s asking me if I would like to receive one of their Famous Rum Cakes to review. I thought the trade-off was fair, a review for a cake, especially as I have been somewhat curious about these rum cakes for a while now.  So I agreed and my rum cake arrived last week.

Having never reviewed a cake before, I needed a starting point. I remembered my good friend Mike Streeter, of Rum Connection, had received and reviewed one of these cakes a couple of weeks ago, and so I read over his review, Confessions of a Rum Cake Junkie, before I got stated.

Reading over Mike’s review, I realized that he had apparently devoured his cake so fast that what I learned from his review is that I had better not invite him over to share mine. Not if I wanted enough cake left for me to do a proper review anyway. But I did want to invite someone; after all it is not every day that a delivery van drives up to your house and drops of a cake that has traveled over a thousand miles to get to you.

So that is how I came to invite my friends, Dennis, Connie and Lukasz over to spend an evening with my wife Maureen, and myself for rum cake, cocoa, and ice cream. I asked each person to score the cake on a scale from one to ten and give me a quick comment:

Rum Cake with Cocoa and Ice Cream

Lukasz (9.5/10)

How can you go wrong? It has rum, and it’s Cake!  Can I have another piece?

Connie (abstain)

Since I am pregnant and this has real rum in it, I had better abstain, but I hope get we get another one to try next year!

Dennis  (6.5/10)

This is good, but not what I expected for the price that I saw on the internet. To me it seems like a simple yellow Bundt cake with rum. It tastes good with ice cream though and so I’ll give it 6.5 out of 10 with ice cream.

Maureen (10/10)

I think Dennis must just be in a bad mood today. This cake is so moist and delicious, and I love how it smells! Delicious! It goes great with cocoa.

Chip (7.5/10)

I like it with the vanilla ice cream , but I think it is even better with the chocolate. The rum flavour is awesome, although it is rather sweet even for me. I have no idea how Mike at Rum Connection could eat his whole cake in a few hours.


And there you have it, four different opinions (and one easily understood abstention) on the merits of Pusser’s Rum Cake.

It seems that if you have a sweet tooth, then this cake absolutely rocks. If you do not, then the sweetness is a little powerful. (Although you will still enjoy it if you  indulge in smaller portions than Mike did.) And for the record, I let Lukasz have another piece!


One Response to “Premium British Navy Pusser’s Rum Cake”

  1. We have tried rum cakes from all over the world, and we never tasted anything quite as enjoyable and delicious as the Pusser’s Rum cake. The taste, the aroma, the story that Pusser’s rum has been around since 1655 are incredible. I score it 10.5 out of 10. And if it is good enough for Princess Diana’s wedding and now Kate & William’s it is good for us. This Pusser’s Rum is the same rum used in the trademarked “Painkiller cocktail”, which makes April 15th National Painkiller Day (Tax day). Can you tell we have been to BVI Tortolla and marina Cay what a place.

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