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Posts Tagged ‘Spanish Gin’

Review: Port of Barcelona Gin

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 15, 2012

I was going to start this review by letting everyone know that the Port of Barcelona Gin is a Spanish gin distilled at the Esmeralda Distillery in the Catalan City of Lleida, Spain at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains (where in fact they are more well-known for their Obsello Absinthe Verte distillations than for their gin).

However, I have found out that changes are as they say, afoot, with respect to the Port Of Barcelona Gin. The producers have relocated from Spain to the US and are going to be producing their absinthe and gin in the USA rather than in Spain. The company is planning to begin production in the United States later this year. I do not know if the new gin will be called Port of Barcelona Gin anymore, or whether the new gin is even likely to be the similar. And, of course, means that whatever stocks of Port of Barcelona Gin which are in the retail stores now, are likely the last of the original Spanish Stocks.

The product is being brought into my home market of Alberta by the local Importer, PB Beverages, who arranged for me to receive a sample bottle of this unique gin to review here on my website, and who assure me that stocks of the original Port of Barcelona Gin will not run out in my locale any time soon.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

… Initially, I smell a mild piny scent that has a different sort of flair than I am used to. I suspect I am sensing the anise-like imprint of absinthe upon the gin. I also notice a sort of penetrating sweetness which is rather firm and unrelenting, as well there is some mild citrus scents running through the breezes which remind me of an orange liqueur. The floral accents above the glass are reminiscent of fresh lilacs and there seems to be a little heather in the breeze as well …”

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Port of Barcelona Gin

And for your enjoyment I have included a cocktail suggestion, the Tom Collins.

Please enjoy the review and the cocktail suggestion!


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