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A New Years Howl!

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 2, 2010

Best of the holiday season to all.  Sorry, I am a day late with these regards, but work caught me unawares yesterday and it was not until today that I was able to sit down and let everyone know how much I have appreciated the support my new blog has gotten.  Its amazing, but in twelve short weeks  my blog has taken off beyond my wildest dreams.

I will take this opportunity to make a few announcements about what everyone can expect to find on my blog in the coming year.  As always there will be reviews of Rum and Whisky, but this year I plan to expand my knowledge of Gin, Vodka, and Tequila. As I expand this knowledge I will take you with me for the ride.

I plan as well to add more cocktails and to  revamp the cocktail section.  I hope to work with good friends of mine to provide you with a bevy of new elixirs which have never been published before.  I may occasionally provide a well known cocktail recipe for a particular spirit if I feel that cocktail is the best way to enjoy the spirit, but my main aim will be to be original and to give you something you have never tasted before, but which you will want to taste again.

I plan to revisit some of my very early reviews (and revisit the spirits that were responsible for them).  In some cases the products have undergone changes which will impact the review scores and in some cases it is more a matter of fleshing out the review to provide you with a better understanding of the spirit.  I have reread some of my earliest reviews and I believe I can do better.

I also have started to make strong contacts in the spirits industry and I have began to conduct interviews with Master Distillers, Brand Ambassadors, and Industry Reps, and Persons of Note.  I am hoping to provide you with interesting glimpses into some of your favourite beverages and the people responsible for bringing them to you.  I have even booked a distillery tour with a local distillery to try to gain an insight into the art of making a quality whisky.  All of my findings (well at least the interesting ones) will be published here on my blog.

As with all things my blog will probably morph and change in ways I do not expect, but I promise to continue to give you honest reviews written in a format which hopefully gives you an opportunity to vicariously enjoy the beverage with me.  Hopefully if I do my job well you will know which drinks to buy and which to avoid, but as the reader always remember to read between the lines of my reviews and look for the aspects of the drink that you will enjoy, your palate is after all far different than mine.

Take Care Everyone and please try to follow my new motto:

Do not try to drink more spirits, try to drink better spirits!

Happy New Year!


7 Responses to “A New Years Howl!”

  1. powderhound said

    Love the reviews, and look forward to your adding tequila to the mix, as I am a whisky and tequila man.

    I most definitely agree that spirits are about quality, not quantity! Life is too short to waste on bad liquor!

    • Nice to see you here Powderhound.

      I believe we have run across each others threads ot Maybe you can help me convince Jojo that needs more links to sites with great reviews, not less. (I’m not allowed to provide links to the reviews anymore which I think is very short sighted.)

      • powderhound said

        We have. I’d really like those forums the be more discussions and less “what is this random bottle of something old I’ve stumbled upon worth?”, but at this point it seems like there’s only a handful of people interested in doing so.
        Either way, write an enjoyable, informative blog, and people will come 🙂

  2. Andre said

    I’m a little late, but happy 2010 to you Chip.

    It’s fun to hear you’ll be expanding into other spirits, but I hope rum stays your main focus 😉

    On that note, I’d be interested to hear what you think of ‘Russian Standard’ vodka. To me, vodka should be a clear tasteless and smooth spirit. The Russian Standard, especially for it’s price, hits this mark.

    Anyways, can’t wait to read more of your reviews.


    • Rum reviews shall not be left undone at the expense of others. Its just that I have started to receive samples, and well, darn it, I guess I have to keep my word and review them.

  3. forrest said

    Happy New Year!!
    Great work Chip!

  4. Hubbabub said

    I wish you a happy 2010.

    I really like your reviews.

    My favorite rum is El Dorado 15 Years


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