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Rum Cocktail: El Padrino

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 7, 2010

Okay I am revamping my cocktail section, my original concept was kind of, shall we say, not meeting the requirements of my audience.  So I redid the menu so that all the cocktails are now in one section only.  If you go to the ‘page menu’ at the side of the blog and scroll down you will find them.

Photo courtesy forrest

But on to the EL PADRINO.  This cocktail is the result of an idea of mine, which was tweaked by the cocktail guru, forrest (if you click his name you will be directed to his very nice web site).  I actually introduced this cocktail in my review of Flor de Cana Centenario Gold 18 Year Old Rum, but it occurred to me that no one would find it unless they were looking at the review.  So I decided to add it into the cocktail section with a page of its own.

This is a premium aged rum cocktail.  The idea of mine was that premium aged rums like Flor de Cana Centenario Gold, have a complex 0aky profile, which should work well in cocktails which used an aged complex spirit.  A quick check of my handy book; 1001 Cocktails: 1001 Recipes for the Perfect Drink (Hardcover),~ Alex Barker (Compiler), gave me the starting place I needed.

The cocktail recipe I found was, The Godfather, which is a simple 2 part Scotch, to one part Amaretto, recipe.  I emailed forrest and told him of my idea.  He loved it, then he tweaked it, and El Padrino was born.  Those who are  a little smarter than the average bear will realize , El Padrino, is Spanish for Godfather.  A perfect name for a rum based version of the Godfather.

Here is a link to the final version of the recipe: 

Rum Cocktail: El Padrino

Please enjoy in a responsible manner, remember the aim is not to drink more, it is to drink better!


2 Responses to “Rum Cocktail: El Padrino”

  1. That sounds good, Andre, If you grab a nice pic, and send me the final recipe, I could make it my first user submitted cocktail. Although I’m wondering if we have a french amareto type liqueur that might work as well.

    Actually, doing a quick check on Wikipedia I found a nice variation called the French Connection:

    * 1 part (3.5 cl) Amaretto liqueur
    * 1 part (3.5 cl) Cognac

  2. Andre said

    Great take on the Godfather. I’ll be trying another variation tonight with St. James Hors d’Age instead of the FdeC. SJ, being a rhum agricole, we could call it ‘Le Parrain’.

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