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Alvear Pedro Ximénez Solera 1927

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 7, 2013

Alvear Pedro Ximenez 1927

It seems lately, that whenever I am invited to an industry sponsored event, I am asked to try a new rum or whisky which has spent some time in a Pedro Ximénez cask (also called a PX cask and/or a Pedro Jiménez cask). The presence of the PX Cask can be tasted in premium rums like Ron Zacapa XO, as well as in single malt whiskies like the Auchentoshan Three Wood, as both rum and whisky producers have found this to be an excellent oak cask to use during maturation to add sweet raisiny flavour to their spirits. Because of the growing importance of the PX Cask, I thought an examination of at least one Pedro Ximénez wine would be a worthwhile venture upon my website. Fortunately for me, I met Maria Alvear at the recent Pacific Wine and Spirits, 40th Anniversary Portfolio Tasting. Maria is of course a member of the Alvear Family which produces the Alvear Pedro Ximénez family of wines. Maria arranged for me to receive a small bottle of the Alvear Pedro Ximénez Solera 1927 for review upon my website.

Alvear is one of the more prestigious Bodegas (wine houses) in Andalusia (an autonomous region of Spain). The grape varietal upon which the Bodega is built is Pedro Ximénez. This grape is believed to have been imported from the Rhine region (in Germany), and is used as the sole base for Alvear’s sweet, Fino, Oloroso, Amontillado and of course Pedro Ximénez wines. The wine which goes by the name Alvear Pedro Ximénez Solera 1927 is produced from the dried grape (or raisin) rather than from the fresh grape. Harvested grapes are placed upon special grass mats, and slowly sun-dried. The raisins are then crushed into a heavy, dense raisin juice (almost a syrup) which is used as the basis for the wine.

The Alvear Pedro Ximénez Solera 1927 wine is matured in a solera which was originally laid down in 1927,  and therefore every bottle produced will have a tiny amount of the original wine from 1927.

You may click on the following excerpt to read the full review:

Review: Alvear Pedro Ximénez Solera 1927

“… The initial aroma is a reflection of dry fruit (mostly prunes with additional dates and raisins) and dark bittersweet chocolate. As the glass sits I notice building aromas of sweet dark caramel and maple, as well as an underlying impression of walnuts and pecans. There appears to be a bit of spiciness in the breezes above the glass, and perhaps I am noticing touches of marzipan and marmalade meandering within those breezes as well …”

Please enjoy my latest review!


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