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Review: Porto Morretes (Prata) Cachaca

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 8, 2014

cachaca_prataLast fall a good friend of mine visited Brazil. I had asked him before the trip if he could find me a bottle of the Brazilian rum known as Cachaca (pronounced Ka sha sha). I was pleased when he returned just prior to Christmas with two small (170 ml) bottles of Port Morretes, the Prata (silver) and the Ouro (3-year-old premium).

In order to learn a little about the Porto Morrets Cachaca, I visited their website and with the help of Google Translate managed to decipher a bit about each spirit. The Porto Morretes Prata (Silver) is produced from sugar cane syrup which has been fermented with natural (home-made) yeasts without the use of chemical additives. The fermentation is carried out in a controlled hygienic process using stainless steel vats eliminating unintended contamination. The resulting fermented syrup is distilled upon modern copper pot stills, and the resulting distillate is rested for a considerable time period (I believe the website indicates about a year) in stainless steel tanks. This resting period softens and prepares the spirit prior to bottling making it suitable to drink neat or to serve in cocktails like the Brazilian Caipirinha.

Amazing Tickle

Amazing Tickle

Here is an excerpt from my full review:

Review: Porto Morretes (Prata) Cachaca

“… The silver Cachaca is a clear spirit which shows no evidence of colour or aging. It has a firm vegetal aroma which reminds me of mushy over ripe bananas and soft bruised apples. There are hints of white pepper underneath, and perhaps a touch of sugar cane sweetness. I also sense a Tequila-like quality which reminds me of soft  although this spirit would never be mistaken for tequila in any sort of blind line-up …”

Of course, I needed to make a few cocktails. I began with a recipe of mine I call the Amazing Tickle which is my Caipirinha style recipe using lemon and orange rather than lime. I followed that up with a Margarita style recipe called the Macharita which uses Cachaca rather than Tequila at the heart of the recipe.

I hope you enjoy the review and the cocktail recipes which follow.


2 Responses to “Review: Porto Morretes (Prata) Cachaca”

  1. Gregory said

    Hey Arctic Wolf, I was recently on a vacation in TCI and found a local rum called Bambarra. They’re were a few different blends. Gold, black and the aged rum they call Trouvadore. I was wondering if you have had any experience with this rum and is origins. It appears as though it is blended on Middle Caicos island but, not produced.

    I have inquired about this rum at Wine and Beyond and was informed that due to the Alberta Liquor Board, it wouldn’t be possible to order it.

    Any information you have or, a possible review in the future would be great.

    Thanks. Keep up the amazing work. I am a huge fan and base all my rum purchases on your insight. Always very

    • Hi Gregory

      The Bambarra Rums are produced for a company in the Turks and Caicos Islands from stocks produced in Trinidad at the Angostura Distillery. Although I own a bottle of the Trouvadore, I have not opened as yet. Nor will not be reviewing my bottle as it seems to have a lot of haze and particulate within it which I was told was due to the desalinated water source on Turks and Caicos which was used to bring the rum to bottling proof after it was imported. Future bottlings were apparently free of this haze which is why I chose not to review my bottle.

      Feel free though to let me know what your impressions were of the rum.

      Bambarra has apparently won a few awards for quality, although I do not really know for certain whether the competitions it was entered in were well represented by major brands or not.

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