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Gin and Tonic Challenge – London No. 1 and Tonic

Posted by Arctic Wolf on August 13, 2014

SAM_1232London No. 1 Original Blue Gin is a product of Gonzalas Byass who are a Spanish wine & cellars company which also produces a variety of distilled spirits including brandy, anisette, botanical vodka and of course gin. Their gin is triple distilled (from English grain in London, England) on a traditional pot still in small batches by Master Distiller, Charles Maxwell. According to the London No. 1 website the gin is distilled with 12 key botanicals which include: Juniper from Croatia; Angelica root and Savory from France; Coriander from Morocco; Cassia bark from China, Liquorice from Turkey, Cinnamon from Ceylon, Almond from Greece; and Lemon peel, Orange peel, Lily root and Bergamot from Italy.

The product was first test marketed in Spain, and has since been launched in limited quantities internationally including here in Canada. It is bottled at 47 % alcohol by volume ensuring a more concentrated flavour than more traditional spirits which are bottled at 40 % alcohol by volume.

When I reviewed London No. 1 Blue Gin, I noted the spirit had strong floral flavours rippling though flavour profile and a building spiciness, which (the spiciness in particular) seemed ideally suited for cocktails. And although the strong floral characteristic of London No. 1 may seem similar to what I described yesterday when I wrote about another blue gin, Magellan Iris Flavoured Gin, I found that the floral characteristic withing London No. 1 Gin was softer and less perfume-like such that the the spirit was (in my opinion) much nicer in all manner of cocktails including the Gin and Tonic. This suitability of London No. 1 Blue Gin for mixology is positively reflected in my G & T Score for the Rum Howler Gin and Tonic Challenge.

This G&T Score for the London No. 1 Blue Gin, (based on my standard G & T cocktail) is 84/100.

Just so you do not have to keep track of these scores yourself, I have constructed a separate page to keep a running tally of all scores as they are published, and you may refer to that page here:

Rum Howler 2014 Gin and Tonic Challenge

As well you may read my published review of London No. 1 Blue Gin here:

Review: London No. 1 Blue Gin


Note: I was provided a bottle for this challenge by Woodman Wines and Spirits Inc. who are the distributors of London No. 1 Gin in Ontario.



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