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2016 Rum Howler Spiced Rum Taste-off

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 31, 2016

Several weeks ago I found myself staring at all the spiced rums on my rumshelf in my tasting room. I had a little over 20, and most of them were barely touched. I had done my review for each, made a cocktail or two, and then sealed the bottles and moved on. I even had several full bottles that had were still sealed as often when samples are sent to me, the producer sends two bottles rather than one. While staring at the spirits the thought occurred to me that perhaps I ought to do something constructive with my spiced rum selection. So, I decided that I should re-taste all of these rums, create new tasting notes, and update my reviews especially as I was curious how the older reviews would stand up.

krakenThose who are regular readers know that I like to present the results from these types of exercises in a ‘Countdown’ format, and so during the next two months I shall be present the results, one spiced rum at a time, beginning with the rum which ranked 20th on my newly created list, then work my way down to the spiced rum which I feel is the best in my tasting room. As I publish the new reviews, I will be replacing my older review with the newer ones such that by the time I am done, all of the reviews will be updated with the new tasting notes and scores. (In a few cases when the older review stands up well with my current thoughts (especially of the published review is current) I have left the older review as it is.)

Today I shall begin with the Rum which ranked Number 20, on my Rum Howler 2016 Spiced Rum Countdown, the Kraken Black Spiced Rum, here is the new review:

#20   The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

“… The merry little breezes above the glass tell me a story of peppery spice and licorice. Cinnamon is revealed along with wiffs of cloves, plum preserves, and black cherries. The black spiced rum has an almost medicinal quality as there is also more than a hint of menthol in those breezes which as it combines with the fruity smells of black cherries and plums makes me think of cough medicine and Jagermeister …”

I hope you all find this countdown enjoyable and you can follow the rankings here:

The Rum Howler 2016 Spiced Rum Countdown


One Response to “2016 Rum Howler Spiced Rum Taste-off”

  1. Omineca Greg! said

    Great idea! I’m really looking forward to this.

    I like spiced rum, but I almost never have more than one bottle in the house at any given time, so I never get to do side to side comparisons. I just bought a bottle of Cockspur Spiced (brand new to BC) yesterday, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I was skeptical when I saw it was only 22% alcohol, but Cockspur has never let me down before, and I took the chance..

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