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Rum Howler Top 50 Rums of 2016

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 21, 2016

On My DeckFor the first time in 5 years, I did not publish a daily countdown for the Best Rums of the Year. I did however compile a list, and this is my reveal of the Rum Howler Top 50 Rums of 2016.

Every year when I publish my annual list I receive emails wondering why certain rums were left off. It always boils down to the same two answers.

  1. That particular Rum just wasn’t up to the standard of the rest of the spirits on the list.
  2. That particular spirit was not made available for me to taste and access in time for inclusion.

On the first score, I make no apologies for my rankings. Just because some other publication or a particular marketing campaign says that such and such a rum is the Elixir of the Gods, that doesn’t make it so. I trust my tasting sessions. I do not trust marketing hype.

If you are wondering how your favourite rum fared this year, Here is my Rum Howler List of the Top 50 Rums of 2016:

Rum Howler Top 50 Rums of 2016

Just in time for Christmas giving!




2 Responses to “Rum Howler Top 50 Rums of 2016”

  1. Hi Chip. I tried reaching out via FB. I’m a more junior (and yet avid) rum enthusiast. I’ve followed your reviews for about 6 months now and consistently agree with your assessments of my favorite rums. I’ve also tried some based on your recommendations. Cheers and keep up the good work!

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