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Rum Renaissance 2011 Opens With The ‘Zombie Jamboree’

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 29, 2011

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival 2011 kicks off with the Zombie Jamboree at the Mai Kai Polynesian Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday, April 25 from 5 to 7pm . This event will be hosted by author, and celebrated Tiki Cocktail authority, Jeff  “Beachbum” Berry. (Mr. Berry’s published books include Beachbum Berry Remixed, Sippin’ SafariGrog Log, Intoxica and Taboo Table.)

‘Beachbum’ Berry  will host a discussion on the origin (and the evolution) of the Zombie cocktail. His seminar will feature samples of Don the Beachcomber’s classic 1934 and 1956 Zombie recipes. The fun will continue as several other noted mixologists will present their own variations of the Zombie Cocktail to serve as examples of how this wonderful cocktail continues to evolve.  (Please click on the Zombie Jamboree banner at the top of this posting for more information, and to learn how to RSVP your reservation for this great opening event.)

And that is just the first evening of the festival. From there, the events include nine VIP Parties, a three-day RumXP International Tasting Competition, various ancillary competitive events including The International Tiki Face Off Competition and the Baritt’s Ginger Beer Cocktail Competition. Finally, it all wraps up with 2 days at the Grand Tasting Finale where there will be seminars, cocktail competitions, and a Island Lifestyle Showcase.

Last year I was invited to act as one of the International Judges at the 2010 RumXP International Tasting Competition which was held in conjunction with Rum Renaissance 2010. I spent five days soaking up the atmosphere of the festival, and of the city. I must have done a decent job as a Rum Judge as this year I have been invited back to reprise my role as the an International Judge once again. This year I want to extend a bit of an invitation to those who read and follow my blog to come to Miami this year to join in the festivities of the Largest Rum Festival in the World. The festival promises to be even better than last year. It has grown from three fun filled days in 2009; to five days last year in 2010; to a full seven days of fun and frolic in 2011.

Let me quote Robert Burr, the organizer and prime motivating force behind the Festival:

“Rum is experiencing a Renaissance of appreciation as more savvy consumers discover a truly remarkable range of fine rums from the Caribbean region, North, Central and South America, and around the world.

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival is one of the world’s premier international rum events, presenting a unique and exciting celebration of the fine arts of distillation, maturing and blending fine cane spirits.

Enjoy a full week of exclusive VIP parties at Miami’s most notable venues, a grand two-day exhibition of the best rum brands, the excitement of the Island Lifestyle Showcase, celebrity seminars, workshops and cocktail competitions, the annual RumXP competition and awards, an opportunity to rub shoulders with dignitaries and notable experts, and more.”

You can purchase tickets for either day (or both) of the Grand Tasting Finale, or you can enjoy the full experience and obtain a VIP Pass and join in the fun of all of the VIP events all week-long. And of course everyone who attends can enjoy beautiful Miami Beach.


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