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Cancelled : September 20th – Talk like a Pirate!

Posted by Arctic Wolf on September 18, 2013

I heard through the grapevine that Sherbrooke Liquor Store’s, “Talk Like a Pirate”  – Rum Festival was in danger of being cancelled.  When I checked the store’s website this morning I noticed that all mention of the event had been quietly removed.

I called the store, and they confirmed that there would be no Festival on the 20th.




6 Responses to “Cancelled : September 20th – Talk like a Pirate!”

  1. Tara Smith said

    It goes without saying that we’re disappointed and apologetic that we had to make the decision to cancel the event this year. It wasn’t an easy decision, nor a decision we made lightly.
    Thank you everyone for your feedback, we appreciate it. We always take into consideration all the comments we receive, and I also encourage you to contact me directly with any more comments or concerns you may have.

    Tara Smith
    Sherbooke Liquor Store

    • I appreciate your honest response to the critical comments here on my website Tara. It is (trust me I know) not easy to face criticism squarely and honestly.

      I also hope that things work out better for the festival next year.

      All the best


  2. vidfreaky said

    I’ve got to admit I wasn’t a big fan the 2 times I went. It was WAY too expensive and there was no real program to speak of. My biggest complaint was was the price. I ended up paying around $80 over the course of the night to sample what I did, and I would have done more if it hadn’t been for the price. Some samples (Zaya 12 and others) were 8 tickets for the tiny little sample that couldn’t have been more than a quarter ounce. At that point, why would I not just go to a well kitted out bar and work my way down their drink menu for half the price?

    • I am with you on the ticket prices for the samples, I have the same beef with the Edmonton Food and Wine Show where some samples are up to 20 tickets at which point their is no logical reason to try the spirit. I find The Edmonton Whisky Festival does it right. The entrance fee is quite high at about $80.00, but samples do not cost anything inside the venue, nor does food. The high quality of the whiskies served and the sheer volume or I guess I should say variety, means that everyone leaves happy.

      I guess that is why they sell out every year and keep having to move to bigger and bigger venues.

  3. Any idea why? Lack of interest, bad economics….?

    • The only explanation I have received is that ticket sales were not at the level they expected. Still I would not say it was lack of interest, rather a lack of marketing. Other than the blurb on my website, I saw no advertising for the event anywhere. 😦

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