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2015 Margarita Challenge #5 – Don Julio Blanco

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 18, 2015

Don Julio Margarita

Don Julio Margarita

The top 5 blanco tequila spirits (at least as far as making Margarita Cocktails is concerned) have been determined by my Rum Chums judging panel. We used a simple process of gathering all of the Blanco spirits I could get my hands on, and then designing a standard margarita which would be used throughout the competition. Spirits were judged in side by side flights of 4 or 5 Spirits with all of the winning spirits from each flight gathered together to be judged one more time against each other. The number 5 blanco Tequila as determined by my Rum Chums was Don Julio Blanco.

Because Don Julio Blanco placed so well in my competition, I decided to give my review (written almost 4 years ago) a bit of a facelift to more properly reflect how I felt the spirit in my newest sample bottle tasted relative to the other spirits I encountered in the competition.



Here is a link to my new review:

Review Don Julio Blanco:

“… The Don Julio tequila has a smooth presence in the mouth with a ‘soft’ agave flavour and warm citrus. I use the term ‘soft’ agave to try to give an indication that the typically earthy and punky flavour of agave is softened in this tequila to the point where I cannot really call it punky or earthy anymore ..”

Please enjoy my review which includes my version of the Paloma Cocktail for you enjoyment.

Note: Don Julio is a 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila made from agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. As a highland tequila,we can expect the Don Julio to exhibit strong fruity citrus notes and to have a little hot pepper in the finish. The company was established by Don Julio González, who apparently began to examine the prospect of making his own Tequila in 1942.


Note: If you wish to follow my 2015 Rum Howler Margarita Countdown, I have created a summary page which will list all of the results as they are published. That page is available here:

2015 Rum Howler Margarita Countdown


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