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Review: Bayou Silver Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 16, 2015

Lemon Daiquiri SAM_1553Louisiana Spirits was formed in 2011 with the stated aim to produce a world-class rum in Lacassine, Louisiana from Louisiana sugarcane.  By 2013 their distillery located a few miles east of Lake Charles, Louisiana, was producing a craft rum in what they call the largest privately owned rum distillery in the USA. They produce three rums, (a spiced, a flavoured, and a white rum) all of which have made their way into the Alberta market via Lifford Wines who distribute and market the spirit here in my home Province of Alberta.

Their white rum, Bayou Silver Rum, is distilled upon a traditional copper pot still using 100% locally (Louisiana) produced cane sugar and molasses. After distillation it is brought to bottling proof (40 % alcohol by volume) using triple filtered fresh water. The spirit is intended as a cocktail mixer or to be enjoyed over ice.

You may read my full review here:

Review: Bayou Silver Rum

“… When I bring the rum to my nose, I notice a few new scents and smells which I have not encountered before when nosing a white rum. The aroma is filled with tropical fruit with a gentle layer of cane sugar melded within …”

Please enjoy my latest rum review which include a nice refreshing summertime cocktail, the Lemon Daiquiri.




6 Responses to “Review: Bayou Silver Rum”

  1. Robert said

    I live about 60 miles from the distillery and went for a tour very nice building and setup but the rum is non aged and I found raw I hope they can do better in the future also there 4 rum distilleries in Louisiana as of now and a fifth on the way lots of sugarcane growing in South Louisiana

    • Thanks Robert for the update on what is happening in Louisiana. The is non-aged as you say which is why it resembles ‘new make’ spirit. I note the ‘bite’ of the new spirit during the review; however, as the distillery has just began to produce spirit with the past couple of years, I think they are doing rather well. But yes, they do have a ways to go. Hopefully they begin to age some of their spirit rather than succumb to the temptation of just adding caramel and calling their next batch amber.

  2. Ronald Yager said

    Have you considered the use of a hydrometer to give us a true conclusion to if this rum actually does have added sugar? You don’t seem certain in your review.

    • In the review, I thought I was pretty clear in the “In the Mouth” section that there is probably added sugar. Since adding sugar is a normal part of rum production completely allowed for by law, I do not make a big deal of it, I just note it when I notice it.

      The important thing is not whether sugar is added, it is whether the rum tastes good and mixes well. Except for that ‘bite’ Which could be interpreted as rawness, the rum is fine (in fact rather interesting), and it is scored as a rum on that cusp between something I can sip and something that must be mixed.

  3. Phil said

    Chip: Did you ever considering inventorying your rum reviews by date in addition to the way you have them archived now? Thanks.

    • I looked at it , but the effort outweighs the benefit for now. I do have the publish dates for each of my reviews listed at the top of the review page already. But to organized them by date, or to transfer that info to my reviews section is just too much work right now.

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