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Posts Tagged ‘7 Years Old’

Review: Zaka Trinidad Rum (7 Years Old)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 16, 2020

Zaka Rum is a third party rum company headed by a chap named Bruno Le Merle. The Rum brand bases its identity upon the the relationship between Zaka (who is apparently a traditional Voodoo God of Agriculture and Peasants) and the planters, farmers, or producers who are associated with the manufacture of rum. This relationship appears to be one of mutual respect for the sugar cane crop and the environment in which it grows.

Zaka Rum currently contain three expressions, one from Trinidad, one from Mauritius, and one from Panama. The subject of this review is Zaka Trinidad Rum which is a blending of 7 to 10 year old cane spirits which were column distilled from molasses and aged in ex-Bourbon oak barrels.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Zaka Trinidad Rum (7 Years Old)

“… mild buttery feel in the mouth with firm flavours of butterscotch and almond mingling with fine wood spices and heated orange peel. Vanilla and some light coconut flavours are present as is some winding grassy tobacco …”

Please enjoy my review.





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Review: Rum Nation Jamaica 7 Year Old Pot Still Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 12, 2018

Rum Nation is an Italian company created by Fabio Rossi, who began his life in the spirits trade as a Oenologist (one who has studied wine-making). After his studies, Mr. Rossi left the wine business and started up a whisky company in Edinburgh (Wilson and Morgan) acting as an independent bottler of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. His interest turned to rum, and in 1999 Fabio Rossi founded Rum Nation. His company is headquartered in Italy; but Fabio purchases select rums from various distillers in the Caribbean and the Americas. As a result Rum Nation provides a rather unique assortment of limited edition bottlings. One such bottling is Rum Nation Jamaica 7 Year Old Pot Still Rum (2018 release).

The 7 Year Old Jamaican Pot Still Rum was distilled upon a traditional Jamaican Pot Still (at Worthy Park) and aged for 7 years in the tropics in used American Oak barrels. The spirit was bottled at 61.2 % alcohol by volume with no dilution from cask strength. No colouring has been added, and the rum has not been chill filtered.

Here is a link to my full review of this burly rum:

Review:  Rum Nation Jamaica 7 Year Old Pot Still Rum  

“… A firm brown sugar sweetness accompanies vanilla and baking spice (cinnamon. nutmeg and cloves), and I am reminded of the flavour of fresh cinnamon buns. Oak spice, menthol, peppermint, camphor and resin add complexity …”

Please enjoy my review which concludes with my recommended serving, the Pot Still Rum Old Fashioned.


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