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Introducing: Sweet Sippin’ Canadian Maple Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on November 23, 2010

My Rum Chums, (Dennis and Lucas), were out and about at the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival with me, when I became side tracked by the Highwood Distillers booth. I have come to know the local rep, Allan Owen, quite well, and so I had to mosey over to greet him. While I was busy gabbing and talking at the booth, Dennis and Lucas took the opportunity to sample some of Highwood’s Sweet Sippin’ Canadian Maple Whisky.

“You gotta try this, Chip,” was their consensus opinion.  Not one to argue unnecessarily with my friends,  I sampled the Sweet Sippin’ Maple Whisky and I was literally taken aback by the nice combination of maple and whisky flavours I encountered. The Maple Whisky (22 % alc/vol) had a gentle sweet maple flavour carried to the palate by a particularly smooth Canadian Rye Whisky.  In all it was quite nice!

So after the festival, I decided to do a little research as I wanted to know a little more about this particular flavoured Whisky which seemed to have a lot more depth and smoothness of flavour than I was expecting.  What I discovered was that Highwood’s Sweet Sippin’ Maple Whisky is the fusion of three ingredients, Highwood  Canadian Rye Whisky (a five-year old wheat based Canadian Whisky), 100% pure natural Amber Maple Syrup from Quebec, and pure natural spring water.  No additives are used in producing the Maple Whisky which probably accounts for the inviting flavour profile I encountered.

Now a full review based upon one tasting at a festival where I probably sampled at least 40 different spirits is pretty much impossible. Fortunately for me, Allan Owen contacted me shortly after the festival and asked if he could drop off a sample of the Sweet Sippin’ Canadian Maple Whisky (and the Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky) for me to review. Being the generous fellow that I am, I accepted his kind offer and will in the coming weeks review both the Sweet Sippin’ Canadian Maple Whisky and the Highwood Canadian Rye Whisky.  I look forward to sharing the results in the coming weeks, cheers!


5 Responses to “Introducing: Sweet Sippin’ Canadian Maple Whisky”

  1. -Wardy- said

    Just cracked a bottle here in Regina. I have never seen or heard of it before today. Actually my daughter was with me ans said look at this cool bottle daddy. I picked it up and put it into my basket. I am now sipping my third glass and cannot believe how smooth it is still. I will say it is a bit sweet but the flavor is wonderful. This is going be a staple in my liquor cabinet from now on. Great job!

  2. John J Gallant said

    Love the stuf, but why can’t I buy it in B C

  3. Efrain said

    Cool bottle, looks good for sippin over ice in front of a fire wearing a Canadian Flag eh?

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