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Review: Reimonenq Vieux 5 Year Old Rhum (2006)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 2, 2013

Reimonenq Vieux 5yo 2006-11Distillerie Reimonenq was founded in 1916 by the Reimonenq family. The distillery, like most others on Guadeloupe, produces Rhum Agricole from distilled sugar cane juice. The fresh-cut cane is crushed by electric mills and the resulting ‘honey’ undergoes a 24 to 48 hour fermentation in open air vessels. The fermented ‘wine’ is distilled in a stainless steel column in the traditional french manner.

I received two samples of Rhum Reimonenq (a 5yo and a 9yo) from Fabio Rossi (of Rum Nation). Mr Rossi personally choose the barrels for the “assemblage” at the distillery, and the bottling is done by the Reimonenq Distillery exclusively for his company. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, this particular bottling is only available in Italy, however my examinations hopefully will provide some insight into the taste profile of the Guadeloupe Rhum produced at the Reimonenq Distillery.

You may click the following excerpt to read my review of the Reimonenq Vieux 5 Year Old Rhum.

Review: Reimonenq Vieux 5 Year Old Rhum (2006)

“… A firm must runs through the heart of the Rhum, and it carries an unusual brininess underneath as well. I taste menthol, juniper, lemon drops, and honey tea. The rhum is sweet; but that sweetness seems just right, as it helps to carry the plethora of flavours through the palate …”

Please enjoy my review of this French Style Rhum!


3 Responses to “Review: Reimonenq Vieux 5 Year Old Rhum (2006)”

  1. Sean said

    I just happened to stumble on your site after doing a general search for central american rum producers. I am a sommelier and cicerone from Vancouver with some time off this summer to explore Costa Rica and Nicaragua. One of my main intentions was to sample the rum offerings from these countries (as well as to hike as many active volcanoes I can get to). Thanks to all your hard work, I now have a solid resource to guide me in my travels.

    Perhaps you have traveled to this region and can answer this for me: I had the vision in my mind that once I arrive I will be blessed with a smorgasbord of many local “craft” rum producers. Will I be disappointed to find that their are only two producers, Flor de Cana in Nica, and Ron Centenario in Costa Rica?

    *Edit: Just found your insightful review of Fortuna. Maybe Flor de Cana is just the tip of the iceberg then?

    • Hi Sean

      I have to admit I have not traveled to Central America and know very little of what if any ‘craft’ distillers may be found. I suspect that in Central America, (as in the rest of the Caribbean) industry consolidation will have taken its toll on the smaller producers. I hope I am wrong, and look forward to hearing about your trip and what you discover.


      • Sean said

        Thanks for the reply. You can expect to hear all about it in about a months time. Keep up the good work. -Sean

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