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#64 Evan Williams Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon (1998)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 22, 2015

Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a whiskey brand produced and bottled in Kentucky by the Heaven Hill company. Evan Williams Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon’s are produced in limited quantities for selected markets in North America, and they have been winning awards since 1990 in a variety of Spirit’s journals, magazines and contests including Gold Medals at the Prestigious San Fransisco World Spirits Competition for their 1993 and 1994 bottlings.

Evan Williams Single BarrelIn 2009, Single Barrel bottlings from 1998 began to appear in the Alberta marketplace. The particular 1998 vintage bottle that caught my attention was bottle number 413 which was  set in oak on September 9, 1998, and bottled April 18, 2008.

Here is a link to the review of the #64 spirit in my Rum Howler Top 100 Spirits Countdown.

#64 – Evan Williams Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon (1998)

“… I have just stumbled into a sawmill where they are cutting large rough timber beams.  I can smell the wood tannins exposed on the sides of the timber and the fresh cut wood grain scent is delightful.  Of course there is much more than oak timbers in the glass:  wild honey,  rich vanilla, toffee, caramel and hints of molasses rise from the glass in a rich vibrant aroma which is spicy and tannin filled …”


You may follow my Countdown list of the 100 Best Spirits here: The Rum Howler 2015 – Top 100 Spirits


2 Responses to “#64 Evan Williams Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon (1998)”

  1. Peter White said

    Hey Chip, problem with the re-review is the 1998 batch is long gone and they differ batch to batch as you know. I am a big fan of EWSB but I only have 2003-2005 which are all pretty good, despite being overpriced at the LCBO.


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