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2016 Spiced Rum Taste-off: Lamb’s Blacksheep Spiced Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 12, 2016

lambs-blacksheepLamb’s Blacksheep Spiced Rum was recently dropped from the  Corby Brands website which lists their entire stable of North American Brands. hopefully this is only temporary as the brand featured a very unique take on the spiced rum category. When the brand was listed, they offered this description of the spiced rum:

“…Lamb’s® Black Sheep Spiced Rum is produced and blended in small batches to ensure consistency of the complex flavour profile that is unique to the rum category. Our ingredients – the finest cinnamon from Korintje, Madagascar-bourbon vanilla and lime essence from Mexico have been carefully selected from around the world to ensure optimal enjoyment on the palate…”

My bottle of the Blacksheep rum is bottled at 37.5 % alcohol by volume, and even though it has disappeared from Corby’s website it is still available in my locale in the attractive 750 ml bottle shown to the left.

Here is a link to my review:

#17 Lamb’s Blacksheep Spiced Rum

“… Speaking of the cinnamon, it’s imprint is felt firmly in the breeses above the glass as is a healthy dose of vanilla. The combination of sugar sweetener, cinnamon, and vanilla reminds me of those tiny red heart-shaped candies I used to buy as a kid. Behind the cinnamon and the vanilla is the mild caramel scent …”


I hope you all find this countdown enjoyable and you can follow the rankings here:

The Rum Howler 2016 Spiced Rum Countdown



4 Responses to “2016 Spiced Rum Taste-off: Lamb’s Blacksheep Spiced Rum”

  1. thebubblegumkid said

    This is an outdated version of Lambs Spiced rum. They changed the recipe awhile ago (no more cinnamon) to one of the most vanilla forward spiced rums I’ve ever tried. It would be cool to see you compare them. Going by your review of captain Morgan’s private stock (lots of vanilla) I’d imagine you’d prefer the original cinnamon recipe lol

    • This is not an outdated version of Lamb’s Spiced Rum, it is Lambs Blacksheep Spiced Rum which is a completely different product. As indicated in the Review, Corby has stopped promoting the Blacksheep, but both spiced rums are available in in retail stores.

      • If you do a quick google image search of Lamb’s Blacksheep Spiced rum, you’ll see the original rum bottle that’s in your review, and the revised bottle of lambs blacksheep that’s labelled with a pirate on it. The recipe is different now. I went onto the Corby website and saw the lambs spiced rum in the lineup you’re referring to, and having tried all three (cinnamon blacksheep, pirate labelled blacksheep, and lambs spiced) I can tell you the pirate labelled blacksheep and the lambs spiced are identical. I’ve also noticed in Ontario all the Lamb’s Blacksheep are off the shelves and have been replaced with Lamb’s spiced rum. It’s the same stuff.

        • Interestingly, yesterday, when I went popped by my local liquor store, for the first time I say the Blacksheep Spiced you are referring to (the Pirate Brand). Right beside it was the older bottle which I have reviewed still in stock. Two brands with the same name but with apparently different ingredients (according to the bottles). So now I finally understand what you were getting at. I think Corby is suffering from brand schizophrenia. (Sorry for doubting you.)

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