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Posts Tagged ‘Brugal Anejo Superior’

Rum Howler 2016 Top 50 Mixing Rums Countdown #18 – Brugal Anejo

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 7, 2016

2016rum_howler_badgeThe Brugal Distillery was founded in 1888, by Andrés Brugal Montaner. Over the next one hundred and twenty years the company grew steadily, and it is now one of three large rum distillers in the Dominican Republic. Although the Edrington Group now controls the company, George Arzeno Brugal, is the current chairman, and most of the current board members are direct descendants of the original company founder.

Brugal Anejo SAM_2347I reviewed Brugal Anejo about six years ago when it was called, Ron Brugal Anejo – Desde 1888. My understanding from talking to the local Brugal Brand Ambassador about two years ago at the Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Show is that the spirit has undergone a few changes since my original review. In particular, since the Edrington Group gained control of the company, they have instituted a new wood policy which governs how all of the Brugal spirits are aged. This practice brings the cask selection process into line with the wood policy the company uses for its Scotch whiskies.

According to the Brugal USA Website, the company continues makes their rum in the traditional manner (from molasses) and ages the spirit on site in Puerto Plata. The Brugal Anejo is aged for two to five years in medium toasted ex-Bourbon American white oak casks.

Here is a link to the number 18 spirit in my Rum Howler 2016 Top 50 Mixing Rums Countdown:

#19 – Brugal Anejo Superior Rum

” … I can enjoy myself without ice, although I did find that adding a couple of cubes brought out some very nice milk chocolate flavours which I enjoyed tremendously. Having said that, the rum seems to be begging me to mix it into a cocktail. I found the Brugal Anejo plays nicely with both cola and ginger-ale, and it also makes nice amber daiquiri style cocktails …”


Stay tuned for more mixing rum revelations as I will be adding to this list each day until Christmas Eve.

And you can follow the rankings by bookmarking this page:

The Rum Howler 2016 Top 50 Mixing Rums Countdown


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Cocktail Hour: The Spanish Mule

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 4, 2016

The Spanish Mule is variant of the more familiar Moscow Mule which mixes spicy ginger beer with Vodka and uses a lime garnish. The Spanish Mule simply replaces the Vodka with Dark Rum. Now if this sounds to you suspiciously like a Dark ‘N Stormy, you would be almost right. Almost, because the aforementioned Dark ‘N Stormy is one of the few rum cocktails in existence which has been granted a Trademark license (the other that I know of is the Pain Killer Cocktail).

Creating a trademark around a cocktail is a tricky business, and in the case of the Dark ‘N Stormy, the trademark granted apparently provides Gosling’s Rum Company, and only Gosling’s Rum Company the right to set the ingredients for this particular Cocktail. Without getting into things too deeply, what this basically means is that if a this bar drink is made with Gosling’s Rum, then and only then is it properly called a Dark ‘N Stormy. If any other rum is used, the cocktail should be given a different name, especially if the bar drink is used for a commercial purpose.

Spanish Mule SAM_2349For that reason, I choose to call my version of the serving a Spanish Mule as this tends to eliminate any confusion as to what the libation is, and this stops any potential lawsuit from coming my way. (And to be fair, I expect people to respect my rights under copyright so it is only fair that I respect the trademark rights of others as well.)

This is the simplest of Spanish Mule recipes. I am mixing a very nice Anejo Rum, Brugal Superior, with a new non-alcoholic Ginger Beer that I have recently become acquainted with, The Great Jamaican Old Tyme Ginger Beer. Old Tyme is not as spicy as many other ginger beers which makes it a perfect accompaniment for this young (but tasty) Anejo Rum.

Please enjoy the Serve!

Spanish Mule

2 oz Brugal Anejo Superior Rum
3 oz Old Tyme Ginger Beer
Slice of Lime

Add Ice to a Rocks Glass
Add the Rum over ice
Top with Ginger Beer
Garnish with a lime slice
Enjoy Responsibly!

If  you are interested in more of my cocktail recipes, please click this link (Cocktails and Recipes) for more of my mixed drink recipes!


Note my new review for Brugal Anejo Superior Rum will publish tomorrow!

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