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Posts Tagged ‘Distillerie Fils Du Roy’

Review: Fils du Roy – Gin Thuya (New Brunswick)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 7, 2019

According to the Fils du Roy website, it was family reunion in Caraquet in 2011 that sparked the idea of building a family owned distillery. The very next year, Distillerie Fils du Roy was born, and Sebastien Roy and his mother Diane began the development of two first products: Gin Thuya and Absinthe La Courailleuse.

A few Years later a second Distillerie Fils du Roy opened in Quebec led by Jonathan, Sebastian’s brother. Both distilleries produce Gin Thuya, and I have been told by Sebastien that the two spirits have turned out quite different as the still in Quebec, produces a different range of flavours than the still in New Brunswick.

The Gin Thuya which is the subject of this review is produced in New Brunswick by Sebastien Roy at Distillerie Fils Du Roy. The spirit is produced from a base of corn alcohol which is redistilled in the presence of Thuja occidentalis (also known as northern white-cedar or eastern arborvitae) and various other botanicals  in a small copper still.

Here is a link to my complete review:

Review: Fils du Roy – Gin Thuya (New Brunswick)

“… The initial aroma is very traditional with firm scents of piny juniper alonside fragrant notes of evergreen boughs. I reminds me very strongly of the scents and smells I encounter when I hike through the alpine forests at the foot of the Rocky Mountains …”

Please enjoy my review which includes the cocktail suggestion, the Sophisticated Lady.



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#Top100CanadianWhisky of 2017: #73 Fils du Roy – L’Eau d’Août

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 12, 2017

Fils du Roy – L’Eau d’Août is an experimental whisky produced in New Brunswick by Sebastien Roy at Distillerie Fils Du Roy. When Sebastien began making his whisky, he started with a blend of 75% Single Malt Whisky and 25% Corn Whisky. The spirit he created was intended as R&D project where Sebastien was trying to darken his whisky without using artificial caramel colourant. Instead he used local maple syrup harvested at the end of the season which is very dark and woody. The intention of course is not for the whisky to taste maple syrup; but rather to substitute the artificial colourants sometimes use in the industry with a natural colouring agent. This whisky (which is the subject of this review) is his rarest product (only 363 bottles) and the entire whisky is aged a full 3 years.

According to Sebastien, L’Eau d’Août means “Water of August” in French. It also has a connotation of sweet water “Eau doux”. The name was chosen because the whisky is released only once per year on the first of August. There were only 363 bottles this year, and the entire production was sold out by August 4th.

Review: Fils du Roy – L’Eau d’Août

“… Sweet and sour note of dank corn and fruit, butterscotch, light underlying mustiness with burlap and dry wood spice which comes through later. …”


Note: As indicated earlier, I will not be creating a posting for every whisky in my countdown on this website; but I am going to try to highlight every Canadian spirit that I have not reviewed previously.

To follow the countdown list on a daily basis, you should follow me on twitter (Rum Howler on Twitter) using the hashtag #Top100CanadianWhisky. Alternatively you can view the  list as it grows by viewing my Reveal Page:

The Rum Howler – Top 100 Canadian Whiskies of 2017

The Reveal Page will be updated at least weekly through September, October and November and then daily in December.


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