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Posts Tagged ‘Guyanese Rum’

Review: El Dorado Deluxe Silver 6 Year Aged Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 4, 2012

One of my very favourite of the white rums is the El Dorado 3yr Cask Aged Rum. In fact that particular rum is the highest scoring white rum on my website, and the only of these white rums (so far) which I have scored in the 90s. So it was with some excitement that I learned that Woodman Wine and Spirits was sending me a bottle of the even more premium El Dorado Deluxe Silver 6 Year Aged Rum for me to review here on my website.

This rum is meant not just to compete with the new strain of super premium white rums that have entered the market recently, it is meant to compete head to head with the super premium luxury vodkas which have garnered a good chunk of the market share in the distilled spirits category. According to the El Dorado Website, the Deluxe Silver Rum is blended from selected light to medium bodied aged rums which have been produced on Demerara Distillers’ 200-year-old wooden Coffey still (the last of its kind operating in the world today) and the company’s famous French Savalle still. The result is a fully aged, double-filtered, 6 Year Old White Rum.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“… The initial scents rising into the breezes above the glass carried a lightly candied sweetness with very mild minty undertones. I also noticed some more complex aromas which included banana and orange peel as well as some lemon and lime citrus zest which give the rum a freshness that I quite enjoy. As well a light butterscotch accent builds up slowly over time as the glass sits…. “

You may read the full review here:

Review: El Dorado Deluxe Silver 6 Year Aged Rum

I have included a couple of nice cocktails for this rum, including a new recipe I call the Silver Celebration.

Please enjoy the review and the cocktail recipes!


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Rum Review: El Dorado 5 Yr Cask Aged Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 24, 2010

Demerara County (in Guyana) is popular across the world for its rich, three hundred year history of rum production. Using a combination of old wooden stills in conjunction with modern stills and distilling techniques, Demerara Distillers Ltd. (DDL) has built a reputation for outstanding quality and consistent production.  DDL is the currently the largest supplier of bulk Caribbean rums to Europe and North America.

The Dark El Dorado 5 and the White Eldorado 3Here is an excerpt from my review:

“….instead of tasting like a typically sweet South American Rum, this has more of a Caribbean Island flavour profile with a hint of mildly bitter tobacco resting under the flavours and spices.  I taste toasted notes of spicy oak, dry fruits (dates, figs and coconut), as well as a caramelized brown sugar.  Although the rum is buttery, it is also  slightly dry with a tea like flavour that asserts itself with the dryness…”

You can read the full review here:

Review: El Dorado 5 Yr Cask Aged Rum.

As usual I have provided a nice cocktail of my own creation with the Review.

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Rum Review: El Dorado Single Barrel PM (Port Mourant)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 31, 2010

A friend of mine dropped by the other day with an intriguing bottle of rum from El Dorado Rums.  A single barrel offering called El Dorado Single Barrel PM.  Apparently the folks from Demerara Distilleries Ltd  (DDL), did a series of single barrel bottlings  to highlight the various characteristics of some of their more famous rum stills.  In the case of the PM, this bottle highlights the Port Mourant Still which is the only production wooden pot still in the world today.  This is the original wooden pot still, built at the Port Mourant Sugar Factory,  which was constructed when the Demerara region began to produce navy rum for the Royal British Navy over two hundred years ago.

There is apparently two other Single barrel rums from El Dorado available in my locale, but so far this is only one that I have sampled.  Here is an excerpt from my review:

In the glass the rum displays a rich oil which laid nice long fat legs down the inside of my glass.  This should indicate a long rich finish.  Rising from the glass is a woody tannin filled smell with a great complexity of aroma.  Behind the woody tannins I smell coarse dark brown sugar…

You may read the full review here:

Review: El Dorado Single Barrel Demerara Rum PM

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