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Review: Captain Morgan Grapefruit Flavoured Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 14, 2015

Grapefruit Smitten

Several weeks ago I received my sample bottle of Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum (as well as bottle of the new Pineapple and Coconut Rums) and I promised to review it (and the others) here on my website.  These new flavours are each five times distilled and of course made from cane molasses. Each of the expression blends natural fruit flavors with CAPTAIN MORGAN® White Rum, resulting in a spirit which can be enjoyed as a summer cocktail mixer.

According to Dan Kleinman, Vice President of Marketing, Rums for Diageo North America:

“This summer, we’re looking for consumers to flip over their hammocks and have a little fun with their mojitos and daiquiris by enjoying our new pineapple, coconut and grapefruit extensions. After last year’s successful launch of CAPTAIN MORGAN® White Rum, we wanted to expand our offerings in the category. These flavors allow adult fans to diversify their cocktails, providing them with a taste of the Caribbean no matter where they may be responsibly enjoying our products.”

Here is a link to my first review of the flavoured series from Captain Morgan:

Review: Captain Morgan Grapefruit Flavoured Rum

“… the grapefruit flavour of the spirit is refreshing, and this fruit flavour is accompanied by a mild rum-like sweetness which not only compliments the dominant grapefruit, it enhances it as well taking the flavoured rum to a level of enjoyment that I had not expected …”

Please enjoy my review, and if you have a chance to grab a bottle of the Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum, do try my simple cocktail suggestion, Grapefruit Smitten; it is simply delicious!


2 Responses to “Review: Captain Morgan Grapefruit Flavoured Rum”

  1. Earl said

    Although I am not a fan of flavoured Rums, your review on this one prompted me to give this a try. Sadly, the LCBO in Ontario is not carrying this product yet.

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