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Rum Howler 2016 Top Canadian Whisky: J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 24, 2016

rum-howler-top-50-2016Wiser’s Red Letter was re-introduced to Canadians in 2007 to pay homage to the 150th anniversary of John Philip Wiser’s distillery in Prescott, Ontario 1857 – 2007), as well as to the original Red Letter Whisky which Wiser’s produced in the late 1800s. In 2009, when I reviewed the inaugural 150th Adversary Edition (see review here), I was told by my contacts within Corby, that the spirit contained various blends of whisky which (although they ranged in age) were all ten years old or more.

j-p-wisers-red-letter-sam_2661In 2013 Corby, once again in a tribute to their founder J.P Wiser, released Wiser’s Red Letter Whisky 2013 Release. The whisky was re-branded J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter Whisky in 2015, and just like the previous editions of the brand, the spirit is comprised of whiskies aged for at least 10 years in American bourbon barrels which are then further mellowed by finishing in virgin white oak casks. Of course it is still bottle at 45 % alcohol by volume.

Here is a link to what I believe is the Best Whisky currently made in Canada, and incidentally, one of the very best in the World:

#1: J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter

The 2015 version of the Red Letter Whisky seems to hearken back to the original 2007 version as the whisky pushes a bevy of spicy goodness across the palate giving the taste buds a treat and the tonsils a wallop as it goes down. Lush corn and bittersweet rye meld with the oak spices allowing flavours of rich chocolate, maple and vanilla to ride along with the oak spice and alcohol heat. This is lovely stuff.

Thank you all for following my Countdown all the way to the Number 1 Canadian Whisky.



* You may find my complete 2016 Top 50 Canadian Whisky Countdown list here:

The Rum Howler – Top 50 Canadian Whiskies of 2016




4 Responses to “Rum Howler 2016 Top Canadian Whisky: J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter”

  1. whisky6345 said

    I have not seen this in Ontario.I have the 2014 and the 2015 was not released in Ontario as far as I know. I purchased a 2014 about 4 months ago on sale for $70 and Red Letter is gone from the LCBO. I must have this.

    • That’s a Coup for Alberta I guess. J.P. Wiser’s Red Letter is Outstanding!

      • whisky6345 said

        Oh well, I still have my 2014 release and my boss does travel to Calgary once a month so I should come up with it sooner than later.

        Have you had a chance to sample Wiser’s Last Barrels, I am quite sure it would have a place on this list.

        • The Last Barrels has not been made available to me. My understanding is that the spirit was only available in Eastern Canada, so alas a sample never came my way.

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