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Posts Tagged ‘Goslings Rum’

Review: Gosling’s Black Seal

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 26, 2011

This Tuesday I continue what I began last Tuesday, with my re-posting of old reviews which may have been missed by my more recent readers. Goslings Black Seal is a rather famous dark rum produced in Bermuda by Gosling’s Rum. The taste profile is quite unlike anything else I have tried and it has found a nice place on my rum shelf for when the nights turn Dark and Stormy. Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…First off I will say that the rum looks a little foreboding. I thought the bottle was darkly colored, but when I tipped the bottle I saw that instead it is the rum which is dark. Inky dark with red tones. Almost wicked looking…..”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Gosling’s Black Seal

Please Enjoy this early review of mine!


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Halloween Howl: Spotlight on Black Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 30, 2009

Goslings Black SealBlack Rum, the wicked looking inky cousin of gold and dark rums; usually bolder in flavour and spices, black rums have  rich textures all their own.  These rums have been regaled in song (think Great Big Sea and their song “The Old Black Rum“) and used as a staple ingredient in baking (think Caribbean Black Rum Cakes).

When I think Black rum, I think of Goslings Black Seal from Bermuda which is easily the most wicked looking and smelling rum I have ever owned.  Here is what I said about Goslings in my review:

“….I actually think of an old graveyard with freshly upturned earth, hyacinth and hibiscus on nearby graves and pungent burnt smells coming from the glass…”

Just looking at the picture to the left you can see how the dark the rum looks in the clear glass bottle.

Ron Zacapa Centrenario 23 AnosOld Port Deluxe RumBut I also think of Ron Zacapa 23 from Guatemala with its rich spices and smooth delivery, and Old Port Rum from India with its exotic oriental flair.  These rums use the spice and rich caramel to tantalize the taste buds rather than to overwhelm them.

But it should be  easy to figure out which of the three I will be enjoying on Halloween…

I think you can guess.

For more information on Black Rum why not check out this link..

Rum 101: what is black rum?

from the national examiner and the good people who bring you the Gifted Rums website.

Here are the reviews I have published for each of these fine rums:

Review: Gosling’s Black Seal Rum

Review: Zacapa Centenario Reserve

Review: Old Port Deluxe Rum (Amrut Distilleries)


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