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Posts Tagged ‘Rum Chums’

Intoducing Dictador Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on September 1, 2010

Photo Courtesy of PB Beverages

I was first introduced to the Dictador Rums about six months ago when I convinced Paul Charabin of  PB Beverages to drop in on one of the monthly gatherings of The Edmonton Rum Chums . He brought a couple of bottles of the new Dictador Rum (The 12-year-old and the 20-year-old).

Dictador is a product which melds European style with Colombian rum, and crowns the presentation in elegant Japanese bottles.   The product exudes class and luxury and practically has your mouth-watering before you even open the bottle.

Of course this begs the question, did the crafters of the rum pay as much attention to the contents, as they did to the container?  In a nutshell, the answer is undeniably…Yes!  Oh My Yes!

I have sampled this rum twice,  the first time in February at that meeting of the Edmonton Rum Chums, and the second time in Miami, at Rum Renaissance. Each time I was completely taken in by the Dictador style and the rich vibrant rum inside the bottles.  The rum is a medium bodied complex blend of premium aged rums with a full rich flavour profile.   The 12-year-old is luxuriously smooth in spite of the rich flavours, and the 20-year-old brings the extra complexity of  a long aged rum to the fore without the bitterness and harshness which can come with age.  I am hard pressed to choose between them.  Fortunately for me, I was promised sample bottles of each to put through the paces of my review system, and you can be sure that I will provide all of you with more details as soon as they are available.  Until then…Cheers!


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Howling Highlight: The Rum Chums (First Edmonton Chapter)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 11, 2010

Its great having blog all about rum and whisky.  I get to meet all sorts of cool people.  One of the coolest I have met lately is Bill Allan.  He found my blog and wrote me a little comment in the contact section talking about his rum club, and would I be interested in meeting attending one of his meetings.    Oh and by the way he wrote,  we have about 200 different rums from all over the world, that we can talk about.

How does one say, “Yes!” fast enough.

Bill sent me his rum list, (245 rums and counting) and I attended the first meeting of 2010 for The Edmonton Chapter of the ‘Rum Chums’.   I met the guys, 14 in all, and learned a little about the club.

It all started a few years back when Bill and a few friends wanted to start to explore good rum and enjoy themselves.  They went to a few bars, but quickly discovered that in the local bars, the selection was not good, and the price for swill in these bars is pretty high.  So they changed gears and went to a few rum tastings.  Trouble was,  the atmosphere was a little stuffy for their group, and the selection, even at these tastings was… shall we say… disappointing.

So they changed gears.  Bill and his friends started meeting on their own.  Every time someone went traveling somewhere in the world, they would bring back interesting rums which were not available locally.  The Edmonton Chapter of the Rum Chums was born.  Their stash of rums from all over the world grew!

Here are a few more cool things I learned about the club:

1)  They have their own Flag:

2) They wear cool T shirts:

3) And, of course, they have their own Rum:

4) And some of their rum is really, really cool!

Now I am the fifteenth member of the group.  My only problem is,  how am I going to find time to review 245 different bottles of Rums?

Life is Good!

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