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Posts Tagged ‘Schenley Whisky’

Review: Schenley OFC Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 28, 2012

Schenley OFC is currently produced at the Lethbridge, Alberta Distillery by Schenley Distilleries (and possibly some is produced at the Valleyfield, Quebec Distillery as well). The Lethbridge Distillery is also referred to as the Black Velvet Distillery, as this is where Black Velvet Canadian Whisky is produced, and, as well, it is referred to as the Palliser Distillery, as it is also where brands such as Danfield’s Canadian Whisky (a Palliser Brand) is produced. To add to this confusing mix of brand owners which produce their spirits at this facility, the back of my last Smirnoff Vodka bottle (owned by Diageo) also indicated that this vodka was distilled at the Lethbridge Distillery. The distillery itself, seems to be owned by Buffalo Trace, who in turn are owned by Sazerac (or perhaps it is the other way around).

My research and digging around with respect to the Schenley OFC seems to indicate that Barton Brands currently own the Brand, although in this confusing maze of product brands and brand owners I certainly would not stake my life on it.

The OFC brand seems to have disappeared from the shelves of many liquor stores stateside, and I suspect that this related to Industry consolidation where for reasons beyond my understanding, solid money earning brands are dumped in favour of the economy of scales achieved by promoting fewer brands names across a portfolio. What I do know is that thankfully, the Schenley OFC is still found on the shelves of many liquor stores here in Alberta. It is a whisky which I hold in high esteem, and one which I felt I ought to revisit here on my website. Here is an excerpt from my original review:

“…I would call this zesty as the OFC has a real bite in the mouth.  A light butter coats the tongue with hot rye spice and light corn syrup. I should note that this is not a true rye whisky but rather a corn whisky, and although I can taste the rye spices, the taste of sweet corn and vanilla is predominant…”

Here is a link to the full review:

Review: Schenley OFC Canadian Whisky

Cheers Everyone!


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Whisky Review: Schenley OFC Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 3, 2009

Schenley OFC Canadian Whisky
(The OFC stands for Original Fine Canadian)

Schenley OFC bills itself as the most decorated of Canadian Whisky boasting of 25 medal Selections at the Monde Selection Awards.  These awards, while impressive, only tell the story of previous Schenley bottlings.  I say, ‘previous’, because I notice a difference in the new bottles I have seen as opposed to the older Schenley OFC bottles.  The age statement, in the past, proudly stated ‘8 Years’.  That age statement is now entirely missing.  It remains to be seen whether some of the famous Schenley quality is missing as well.

I should note that Schenley OFC is distilled at Schenley Distilleries which have facilities in Valleyview Quebec, and Lethbridge Alberta.  It is my understanding that the facilities in Quebec are responsible for the distillation, aging and bottling of this whisky.

You can read the full review here:

Review: Schenley OFC Canadian Whisky

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