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Review: Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve Whisky (Lot 240)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on September 11, 2011

Today I am continuing a series of Forty Creek Whisky reviews with the Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve Whisky. This whisky was introduced in the fall of 2008. As a collector, I purchased and saved a few bottles from the first release, and now I have selected one of those first bottles to review.  This bottle is identified on the label as Bottle number 0043 from Lot 240.  Although this review is from my whisky collection,  I would like to thank Dave Gordon, the Regional Manager of Shiralli Agencies, who has provided me with a bottle from the current release (Lot 245) and I will be reviewing that bottle in the coming weeks.

Here is an excerpt from my review from Bottle number 0043 from Lot 240, of Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve Whisky:

“…When I brought the glass to my nose I received a light indication of rye spices gently being lifted out of the glass. This was quickly followed by an updraft of caramel corn and honeycomb. The whisky also brings forward strong dry woody notes (oak and cedar) and a touch of sweet maple….”

Here is a link to the full review:

Review: Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve Whisky (Lot 240)



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