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Review: Old Monk Supreme Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 19, 2015

old monk spremeToday I am continuing my series of reviews of the Old Monk rums from India. Old Monk is a dark rum brand produced by Mohan Meakin Limited in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. According to the information I received from the importer (and which I gleaned from Wikipedia), their Old Monk Supreme is a molasses distilled rum, which although it carries no age statement, will have been aged for approximately 12 years in oak casks (in the tropical climate of India). It is sold as a special limited edition bottling sitting perhaps slightly up the rungs of the Old Monk ladder from the (previously reviewed) Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum (12 Years Blended) and certainly as a more premium version of the (previously reviewed) Old Monk Very Old Vatted Rum (7 Years Old Blended).

You may read my full review of the Old Monk Supreme by clicking the following link:

Review: Old Monk Supreme Rum

“… Molasses flavours dominate the Old Monk Supreme with dry peppery wood spices adding additional character. These wood spices carry elements of cinnamon, clove, dry tobacco, and hot black pepper. As the glass sits and the rum is allowed to evolve, I begin to taste dark brown sugar mixed with baking spices and vanilla, as well as strong cocoa flavours, cola, and black tea …”

Please enjoy my review which includes a suggested chocolate pairing, Valrhona Lait Jivari, which is a creamy, smooth milk chocolate from Ecuador. (Read the review to learn more.)

Cheers Everyone!

3 Responses to “Review: Old Monk Supreme Rum”

  1. Nice review! Wish I could find this exotic stuff here in the States! Glad I have as much as I do though. As you noted, good or not, in India you are pretty much stuck with a few domestic products — luckily some of them at least are good. Thanks again, I enjoy your reviews. Consistent and to the point.

  2. rus said

    Hi.lets agree to disagree.I was just given batch no.144 , sept 2014 bottle from mumbai duty free..tried it neat,left it sit for a long while, added a bit of distilled water, tried lime, tried in a fruit blender mix and it is just plain nasty…there is no cork to blame for maybe being the culprit.I have purchased many of the 7yr old, the first from binnys in chicago about 8yrs ago and have always enjoyed it as a sweet, molassis tipple.this bottling in very poor, I tried to enjoy it, really , but impossible! Usually agree with your comments my friend but not this one..hope to see you in miami, gonna bring some black squirrel with me from buffalo .

    • Hi Rus

      Very interesting as my bottle had no information regarding batch number, nor any sort of date on the bottle. I examined the labeling again and I found a statement in smallish print which indicated that my particular bottle was produced for Canada Only. Perhaps, we have differences in the bottlings based upon where the rum is being sold.

      FYI: I had the club out for a tasting where we sampled the Old Monk, the Old Monk Reserve, and the Old Monk Supreme side by side. Everyone felt as I did that the Supreme and the Reserve were better than the regular Old Monk 7 Year Old.

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