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Rum Howler 2016 Top 50 Canadian Whisky Countdown: #10 Canadian Club Chairman’s Select

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 15, 2016

rum-howler-top-50-2016Canadian Club Whisky is now the oldest (and probably the most influential) Canadian Whisky brand in the world.  It is found in over 150 countries, with sales in Canada that are unmatched by any other premium whisky brand. In 2014, Canadian Club (owned by Beam Suntory) launched a new 100% rye grain whisky, Canadian Club Chairman’s Select – 100% Rye. 

sam_2659It is of course produced exclusively from rye grain, distilled (and almost certainly aged) in Calgary by Alberta Distillers Ltd (who are also owned by Beam Suntory). The Chairman’s Select is aged in American Oak (bourbon barrels), cut to bottling strength (40 % abv) and then bottled in Walkerville Ontario, the home of Canadian Club.

Here is a link to the 10th best Canadian Whisky of 2016:

#10 Canadian Club Chairman’s Select – 100% Rye

“… I am delighted by the impressions I receive in the air above the glass. As it should be, the Chairman’s Select 100 % Rye whisky is very rye forward with lots of fine peppery wood spice dancing with that rye in the breezes. Melded into the spicy rye is a lovely light sweetness of butterscotch with a gentle sweep of vanilla and a few bits of almond. I also receive strong impressions of freshly harvested grain fields with dusty chaff blowing in the wind and lots of fresh straw lying in the windrows …”

Stay tuned as the countdown continues tomorrow with the Number 9 Canadian Whisky.



* You may follow my 2016 Canadian Whisky Countdown by bookmarking this link:

The Rum Howler – Top 50 Canadian Whiskies of 2016

4 Responses to “Rum Howler 2016 Top 50 Canadian Whisky Countdown: #10 Canadian Club Chairman’s Select”

  1. Jeremy Martin said

    First of all, thanks for all your reviews. You really helped me get started with my first foray into spirits and cocktails a few months ago.

    As for the Chairman’s Select 100% Rye, can I assume that this is the same product as the 100% rye available here in the states (missing the “Chairman’s Select” moniker, in quite an attractive cork-stoppered squat bottle)? Even the descriptions on their website are almost but not perfectly identical. Assuming they’re the same, I’ve really been enjoying it as my first foray into high-percentage rye. I made a Manhattan with this and some Dolin Rouge, and it was very tasty. This is not as “loud” as some rye-heavy whiskeys I’ve tried, and it allowed this cocktail to have a lot of interesting flavors swirling for attention. The cocktail was almost wine-like in complexity, and I mean that in a very good way.

    • Hi Jeremy

      The ‘loud’ quality you are referring to is most probably a reflection of the heavier oak flavours which seem to pervade the American whiskies I have been sampling the last few years. I like that loud oak, but there is definately something to be said for letting the rye grain shine through, and that is certainly the case with the Chairmen’s Select 100 % Rye.

      I am though not aware of any other bottle style for this whisky, so you may be tasting a different brand, Pendleton, Alberta Premium, and Lot 40 are all candiddates for the bottle you are describing. (And all very good whiskies).

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