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Posts Tagged ‘Captain Morgan Black’

Introducing: Archeologist Frederick Hanselmann

Posted by Arctic Wolf on August 21, 2012

Project Director Fritz Hanselmann (Photo Credit: Jonathan Kingston)

I would like to welcome Mr. Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann to my website.

Frederick “Fritz” Hanselmann is the Research Faculty and Chief Underwater Archaeologist and Dive Training Officer with the River Systems Institute and the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University. I was offered a chance to interview Mr. Fritz Hanselmann via telephone a few short weeks ago to discuss his search for the most famous Privateer in history, Admiral Sir Henry Morgan (aka Captain Morgan). Circumstance conspired against me such that a telephone interview was not possible, however, I was graciously allowed to conduct my interview via email.

Most people associate Captain Morgan with the iconic logo on the rum bottle; but Hanselmann’s team of U.S. archaeologists, with the help of the Captain Morgan brand, are on a mission to find the fleet of ships the iconic real-life privateer lost in the Caribbean in 1671. The search began in earnest in September 2010, when the team discovered six iron cannons which might have possibly belonged to Sir Admiral Henry Morgan during their archaeological survey mouth of the Río Chagres off the coast of Panama. The team of archeologists continued their work this past summer with the the discovery of a 17th century wooden shipwreck, which is potentially one of the five ships Captain Morgan lost at the mouth of the river. Among the five ships lost was Admiral Sir Henry Morgan’s flagship “Satisfaction”.

In the interview we discuss underwater diving and archeology learning how these seemingly disparate fields are coming together in the search for Captain Morgan’s lost fleet. We examine the evidence recovered in an effort to verify whether the artifacts found to date can really be assigned the Privateer of legend. Mr. Hanselmann elaborates on his most exciting finds to date, and even theorizes on the possibility of finding a stash of rum at the bottom of the sea.

You may read the full interview here:

Seeking Captain Morgan: An Interview with Archeologist Frederick Hanselmann

Please enjoy the Interview!


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Introducing: Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 19, 2012

Captain Morgan Rum has just expanded their range of spiced rums to include a new “Black” spiced rum. I suspect that the recent success of  the Kraken Black Spiced Rum has motivated a move in this direction in order to garner a segment of this market. Of course the launch of the Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum was accompanied with a slick media campaign which you are probably aware of already, but in case you are not, I shall relate a little of the information here.

The newest addition to the Captain Morgan Brand was apparently inspired by the story of Captain Morgan’s burial on the shores of Port Royal Harbour, Jamaica in 1688. As it was related to me, an earthquake struck Jamaica, just after the good Captain was buried. His casket was dislodged from its tomb and washed out to sea. It was never recovered, and to this day it has been suggested that perhaps his spirit lives on haunting the seas of the Caribbean searching for his lost remains. The imagery of the background story is captured in the bottle presentation. As the bottle empties, images of Captain Henry Morgan’s casket and skeleton are revealed inside the bottle on the backside of the front label.

In addition to the background story, the promotional information sent to me by the PR firm for Captain Morgan Rum tells me

  “Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is a mature and carefully crafted spirit that is meant to be savored like a fine whiskey or enjoyed in a classic cocktail. We believe this bold, interesting and unexpected new offering has the potential to make Captain Morgan the preferred spirit among a segment of consumers we don’t currently reach with our existing portfolio.”

In keeping with that claim, the Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum was constructed from a base of Caribbean Blackstrap rum and selected ingredients which include clove spice and cassia bark (cinnamon). The rum was also finished in double charred blackened oak to add additional smoothness and character.

I have been told that this black spiced rum has a bold, edgy look and feel, and is considered to be a complete departure from the Original Spiced Rum. The marketing campaign and the rum are designed a to bring to life the darker, more mysterious side of the real-life brand icon, Captain Henry Morgan. Of course, I cannot confirm nor deny any of the claims as to the quality of the spirit or whether this rum is truly something different…, yet.

However, samples are on the way, and you can expect a detailed review soon after they arrive. In the meantime, perhaps you could enjoy my reviews of the rest of the Captain Morgan line-up:

BTW: Although I have not received my sample as yet, Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is apparently already in stores now. If anyone has tried some, feel free to give me feedback.

Cheers everyone!

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