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Posts Tagged ‘Chronicles’

Review: Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 2 (42 Year Old)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 22, 2020

According to the original press releases, Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 2 is a 42-year-old whisky called The Dock Man. which celebrates dock workers who loaded sea freighters with crates of Canadian Club Whisk to be delivered whisky to bar owners and consumers during the American Prohibition. This ‘Dock Man’ bottling follows the launch of the original Canadian Club Chronicles: Issue 1 (Aged 41 Years) which I reviewed (here) earlier this year.

At it’s heart, the 42 Year Old whisky is an ultra aged Corn Whisky which was barreled in 1977. This corn whisky was first revealed to Collectors and whisky enthusiasts in 2017 when Canadian Club released the 100 % Corn distillate as Canadian Club 40 Year Old Whisky (reviewed here).

However, the Canadian Club blenders couldn’t resist tinkering with this sublime whisky. In 2018 they blended some of this whisky (now a year older) with small amount of cognac, rye and sherry (This was issued as the aforementioned Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 1. And last year (2019), with the whisky one more year older again, the spirit was blended with a 16 Year Old Rye Whisky, a 12 Year Old Pot Distilled Rye and a small amount of Brandy as Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 2 (42 Years Old). It will be interesting to find out whether this ‘stretching’ of the ultra aged 42 Year Old corn spirit was a good thing in terms of flavour. (It has the potential to go either way.)

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Canadian Club Chronicles Issue 2 (42 Year Old)

“… the breezes bring me dusty grain and wood spice mingling with ginger, almond vanilla and light butterscotch. Both the rye and the corn are speaking to me and the effect is quite enchanting. As the glass breathes orange marmalade begins to appear followed by rich toffee, maple and baking spices …”

Please enjoy this review of what is I believe, the oldest Canadian Whisky currently produced.



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Review: Canadian Club Chronicles 41 Year Old

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 12, 2020

A couple of years ago Canadian Club released what was possibly possibly the oldest bottling of Canadian whisky to date. After 40 years of resting in American oak barrels in Windsor, Ontario, Canadian Club released Canadian Club 40 Year Old

According to my sources, the whisky was produced from a selection of American Oak barrels which contained 100% corn whisky. These barrels had been consolidated many times over the course of 40 years to minimize the oxidation of the spirit during its lengthy maturation period. The whisky has been released in part to commemorate Canada’s 150 Anniversary, and was available with full distribution across Canada as of Mid November in limited quantities.

Fortunately for all of us not all of that wonderful whisky was bottled in 2017. Some of the whisky was allowed to continue to rest. In the fall of 2018, Canadian Club released more of this spirit as Canadian Club Chronicles 41 Year Old and this time it was blended with a small amount of cognac, rye and sherry.

This is the review for the 41 year old whisky which was bottled at 45 % alcohol by volume.

Review: Canadian Club Chronicles 41 Year Old

“… The aroma in the breezes above the glass offers seem to entice me. The whisky brings a waft oak sappy oak into the air followed by a combination of butterscotch toffee, almond syrup, oak and vanilla which were all melded wonderfully together. There are hints of mustiness and scents of fresh corn, light baking spices, and orange peel moving towards marmalade …”

Please enjoy my review and stay tuned for the upcoming review of the 42 Year Old Spirit which I will be sampling over the next few weeks.


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