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Posts Tagged ‘St. Lucia Distiller’s’

Review: Chairman’s Reserve Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 12, 2021

St. Lucia Distillers is a joint venture of the last two remaining rum distillers on the Island. Their flagship rum Chairman’s Reserve was first blended in 1999 with the process overseen by then Chairman Laurie Barnard. The rum is created from a blend of molasses based, aged cane spirit produced on both Coffey and Copper Pot Stills which were matured in  American Oak. After marrying the different rums together they were re-barrelled for final finishing. The average age of the rums within the blend is said to be five years old.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Chairman’s Reserve Rum

“… a light herbal grassy note which runs through the breezes and is typical of rums which have some pot still distillate within their make up. Over top of this herbal note are classic notes of fine oak spice, butterscotch and molasses, vanilla and almond. The oak note seems almost leathery. Orange peel spices the air combined with softer notes of banana as well as tropical fruit welling up ….”

Please enjoy my review which concludes with my serving suggestion, the Swift Turtle.



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Review: Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 15, 2020

Admiral Rodney Rums are produced by St. Lucia Distillers which is situated in the valley of Roseau on the island of St Lucia. Their Admiral Rodney Rums are named for Admiral George B. Rodney who is remembered as the Admiral who broke the French line at the Battle of the Saints. Each of the Rums in the Admiral Rodney line-up pays homage to the naval battle remembering the courage of British fleet which “broke the line” and defeated the French.

Admiral Rodney Rums are produced on a twin column Coffey still commissioned in 1985. Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa contains within its construct, Coffey still rum from the lower sections of the still which results in a robust and complex flavor profile. The spirits were aged in bourbon and port casks for 5 to 9 years before being blended and brought to bottling strength (40 % abv.).

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa

“… brown sugar mingling with vanilla cinnamon and nutmeg reminding me of cinnamon rolls. Oak spice and tobacco add structure and depth as soes a light woody flavour that is wrapped within. I taste canned fruit (apricots) and raisins as well as dry leathery flavours …”

Please enjoy my review as well as the suggested cocktail provided.


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24 Days of Rum (#13) – Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Casks (St. Lucia)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 13, 2019

St.Lucia is the home to Chairman’s Reserve, a very popular rum brand which up to this time has eluded me. It’s kind of nice to start my exploration of the brand at the top of its ladder with Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Casks a well aged rum (6 to 11 years) which became St. Lucia Distillers top brand quite by accident. You will have to read the review to get the whole story.

Here is a link to my tasting notes and scores for the No. 13 spirit in the 24 Days of Rum – The Original Rum Tasting Box:

Review: Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Casks

“… Maple sweetness with a nice light oaky backdrop, light nuttiness underneath reminds me of almonds and pecans, and then there is a lovely little bit of baking spice (vanilla  and cinnamon), Finally hints of raisins mixed with that light herbal grasses …”

Note: 24 Days of Rum – The Original Rum Tasting Box produced by 1423 World Class Spirits contains 24 handpicked rums from 24 different countries all over the world. It features an extraordinary opportunity to sample a wide variety of premium rums allowing you to hone in on the particular style which suits your palate. As indicated in my previously published review (here) This Rum Advent Calendar is a highly recommended gift for the rum enthusiast.


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