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Posts Tagged ‘Copper Pot Still’

Review: Hell-Cat Maggie Irish Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 10, 2017

Hell-Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey is produced and bottled by Ed Phillips and Sons located in Princeton, Minnesota. Examining the label, I determine that this Irish Whiskey is produced at the Cooley Distillery in Louth, Ireland. It is apparently distilled three times from a mash of un-malted and malted barley and aged for at least three years. The company’s website does not reveal a great deal more about the whisky. All I could find was this statement which spoke to the brand name and the copper pot distillation:

Hell-Cat Maggie was a member of the notorious Dead Rabbits gang that roamed the Five Points area of Manhattan in the 1840s. A feared streetfighter, Maggie wore razor sharp brass talons on her fingers and filed her teeth into points. Hell-Cat Maggie is an exceptionally smooth whiskey that is distilled in Ireland using the traditional single copper pot still method.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Hell-Cat Maggie Irish Whisky

“… A light astringency rises from the glass which seems to be associated with both alcohol and fine oak spice. Nutty barley aromas are at the forefront of the breezes. They combine with fine wood spice, impressions of willow and poplar bark, and some lightly sweet butterscotch. Cigarette tobacco, almond and very light vanillans round out the aroma …”

I hope you enjoy this review which kicks off a short series of Irish Whiskey postings.



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#60 Lot No. 40 Single Copper Pot Still Canadian Whisky (2012 Edition)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 26, 2015

Late in October, of 2012, I was able to have a one on one meeting with Hiram Walker Distillery Master Blender, Dr. Don Livermore. It was supposed to be an interview, but instead, it morphed into an information session where Dr. Livermore began to teach me about all things pertaining to Canadian Whisky with a particular emphasis on how they do things at the Hiram Walker Distillery.

Lot No. 40 SAM_1398One of the many things we talked about was the re-release of Lot No. 40 Single Copper Pot Still Canadian Whisky (2012 Edition). Dr. Livermore, told me the whisky was first released in the 1990’s as an upscale connoisseur’s whisky for the North American market. Alas, timing is everything, and according to Don, the whisky never really caught on as the market wasn’t quite ready for such a new style of Canadian Whisky. With the new upsurge of interest in Canadian Whisky across North America (and in particular at the premium end of the market), Corby (the owner of the Wiser’s Brand), was optimistic that the time for this whisky has finally arrived.

And I guess you could say that I agree, as it is the #60 spirit on my Rum Howler Top 100 Spirits Countdown.

#60 – Lot No. 40 Single Copper Pot Still Canadian Whisky (2012 Edition)

“… The initial nose is filled with the scents and smells of honeycomb, freshly harvested rye, and freshly cut oak and cedar planks which are still seeping bits of sap from the wood grain. Caramel toffee and green tobacco, and even more fresh rye climb up out of the glass into the breezes. As the glass breathes, smells of oak and wood sap gain more expression …”


You may follow my Countdown list of the 100 Best Spirits here: The Rum Howler 2015 – Top 100 Spirits

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