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#6 Canadian Whisky – Crown Royal Cask No. 16

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 20, 2013

rum_howler_badge- 25WHISKYCrown Royal® Canadian Whisky was originally introduced in 1939 (by Samuel Bronfman of Seagrams) as a special whisky bottling to commemorate the Royal tour of Canada by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in that year. Until 1964, the whisky was only available in Canada; however, today it is available world-wide and is in fact the number one Canadian whisky brand sold in the USA. Crown Royal is currently produced in Gimli Manitoba, at the Crown Royal Distillery which (since the dissolution of the Seagrams portfolio in 2000) is owned by the spirits conglomerate Diageo.

cask-16-bottleCask No. 16 was introduced in 2007; but was apparently discontinued in 2012. However, the whisky is still readily available (at least in the Alberta market), and when I checked the Crown Royal Website, I found it was still listed as part of the Crown Royal family.

According to the information found on their website, The Cask No. 16 is,

“Handcrafted from more than 50 different aged Canadian whiskies and then finished in Cognac Oak casks from the Limousin forest in France for another layer of richness and complexity.”

This spirit represents the second entry from Crown Royal in my Top 25 Canadian Whisky Countdown and it arrives at Number 6. Here is a link to my February 2010 review:

#6 Canadian Whisky – Crown Royal Cask No. 16

“…   A mellow corn whisky is up front on the palate, but rich soft butterscotch and caramel and sweet brown sugar sit under the corn flavour supporting and enhancing the experience.  A nice spicy bite which has the hallmarks of pears and grapes grabs at the taste buds.   Carrying all of this flavour forward is a wonderful mild oak presence that never dominates.  The oak acts as it should, as a garnish which heightens the other flavours with its presence …”

For those who prefer a more subdued corn profile and a milder rye like burn, this is probably the perfect Canadian whisky.  It is wonderfully luxurious and rich, yet full of character and complexity. Sip it neat, or on the rocks and you will not be disappointed.


Note: You may follow my Countdown list of the 25 Best Canadian Whiskies here:   The Rum Howler 2013 – Top 25 Canadian Whiskies


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