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Beyond Islay: Part 7 – Ledaig 18 Year Old

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 12, 2017

ledaig-18yoIt is back to the Isle of Mull for the finale of my Beyond Islay Single Malt Whisky review series. The series of reviews has been based upon 7 different Single Malt Whiskies I taste at the Beyond Islay tasting event hosted by Ryan Engen who is the Director of Spirits, for Liquor Stores N.A. Inc. at the Edmonton Wine and Beyond McTagggert Ridge location. At the tasting,Ryan had selected Single Malt Whiskies which represented the diversity of Scotland’s Island Whiskies produced on the lesser known Scottish Islands.

As indicated, Ledaig is produced at the Tobermory Distillery upon the Isle of Mull. The peated spirit was matured for 18 years in oak casks and then finished in ex-Sherry casks.

Here is a link to my review:

Beyond Islay: Part 7 – Ledaig 18 Year Old:

“… The breezes above the glass carried a complex aroma with peat smoke entwined with sherry-like scents of cherry licorice and raisins. Baking spices came forward with rum-like dark brown sugar mixed with vanilla and bits of cinnamon and clove. The peaty scents were somewhat pungent as organic boggy smells mixed with oily phenols, licorice root and menthol …”

Please enjoy my review which ends with a short cocktail, What Rough Beast.






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