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Posts Tagged ‘18 Year Old’

Review: Highland Park 18 Years Old (Viking Pride)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 3, 2021

Highland Park Distillery is located in the Highlands of Scotland on the Island of Orkney which is famous for its heather rich meadows, and its unique organic Orcadian peat. The 18 Year Old Highland Park Whisky (Viking Pride) is the part of the new core range of the distillery, which includes as well the 10 Year Old (Viking Scars) and the 12 Year Old (Viking Honour).

According to the sell sheets provided to me, the 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky from Highland Park is produced using a high ratio of first-fill sherry seasoned European and American oak casks. The flavour is of course also driven by the hand cut aromatic peat from the Hobbister Moor which is used (by burning) to dry a portion of the malted barley.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Highland Park 18 Years Old (Viking Pride)

“… The complexity is ramped up in the 18 Year Old expression and the tasting notes I have put together do not really convey the impact of the flavour very well. The different impressions of flavour are all sort of mingled together. The fine oak spice and the sap pucker the mouth seemingly making me thirstier as I sip. And that boggy peat seems to run gently through everything …”

Please enjoy my review which concludes my walk through the Highland Park core range.


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Review: Great Plains Brandy Cask 18 Year Old Canadian Whisky (Batch 1)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 6, 2020

Great Plains Craft Spirits are located in Calgary, Alberta. They are a small company which sources special whiskies for blending and finishing. The intent is to offer to the marketplace limited edition bottlings which feature custom blending and cask finishes. These whiskies can be quite rare with batches as small as two barrels as well as larger projects (up to this point) of up to twenty-four barrels.

This is Great Plains first release and was drawn from 22 casks of pure corn whisky which according to the back of the bottle was produced at the now defunct Potters Distillery in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. The whisky was aged for a little longer than 17 years in ex bourbon barrels and then finished in Jerez (Osborne) Brandy barrels from Andalusia, Spain.

Here is a link to my review:

Review: Great Plains Brandy Cask 18 Year Old

“… The cask strength nature of the bottling is immediately apparent as the nose is full of heated fire, fine oak spices, and wonderful aromas of corn and grain. A mouth-watering combination of vanilla, butterscotch, orange peel and almond climbs into the air alongside. The impulse to steal a sip before more completely examining the nose is strong; but that would be a mistake, as this is a dram which grows in the glass as you let the 18 year old whisky breathe …”

Please enjoy my review of one of the best whiskies I have tasted in 2020!


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2019 Rum Howler Favourite 20 Canadian Whiskies: #6 – J.P. Wiser’s 18 Year Old

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 17, 2019

The 18 Year Old Canadian Whisky from J.P. Wiser’s has been on my list of favourites for years. In fact, not too many years ago, if someone would ask me what I thought the best whisky in Canada was, without hesitation I would say Wiser’s 18 Year Old. And you know what, that still might be true, because this is one really great whisky, full of fine oak spice. In fact, it is this fine oak spice that defines the whisky. You see, when a whisky ages or matures in oak, the first couple of years the whisky picks up vanillans and caramels from the barrel pretty easily, but once we get beyond those first few years, the major flavour attribute the barrel gives to the whisky is a fine spiciness that continues to grow the longer the whisky rests within.

It is this fine spicy quality which I love so much. And although Canadian Whisky as a whole is evolving, and the flavour profiles at the most premium are becoming rounder and more flavourful. There will always be a spot on my whisky shelf for  the spice bomb that is J.P. Wiser’s 18 Year Old.

Here is a link to my review:

Review: J.P. Wiser’s 18 Year Old Canadian Whisky

“… The initial breezes are full of fine oak spices with hints of butterscotch and clean grain. As the glass breathes the spiciness within the breezes above the glass continues unabated. Meandering within the spice are rich smells of butterscotch and maple with a few hints of sharp orange peel and dusty grain. Some baking spices begin to form after about five minutes with vanilla and  brown sugar spice, bits of cinnamon white pepper and cloves …”



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Review: Tomatin 18 Year Old (Single Malt)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 3, 2018

The Tomatin Distillery is located in the Monadhliath Mountains near Inverness, the capital of the Highlands of Scotland. The Distillery was established in 1897. (For those who do not know, the term “established in 1897″ is a code term which represents an acknowledgement by the distillery that the company began to legally pay taxes on the spirits it produced in that year. When the Distillery actually began to produces spirits is not acknowledged.) Because of its location in the Monadhliath Mountains, Tomatin is one of the highest distilleries (elevation wise) in Scotland at 315 metres above sea level. In 1985 as the Distillery was expanded and was at that time renamed, The Tomatin Distillery Co Ltd.. The company now operates 12 stills, in a process which perhaps more closely resembles a large-scale industrial factory rather than a typical Single Malt Distillery. This is because the distillery has always been a large-scale producer of whisky for Scotland’s major blends. However, Tomatin has recently began to focus their efforts on also producing their own Single Malt Whisky as well as establishing their own brand identity.

The Tomatin 18 Year Old (Single Malt) is matured for eighteen years in refill oak casks and then finished in Oloroso sherry casks.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Tomatin 18 Year Old (Single Malt)

“… Not quite a sherry bomb, but the influence of the Oloroso casks is on display. Oak spice plays within the fruity sherry notes with the barley malt playing coy in the background …”

Please enjoy my review, Chimo!


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#Top100CanadianWhisky #19: J.P. Wiser’s 18 Years Old Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 5, 2017

John Philip (J.P.) Wiser, purchased a distillery in Prescott Ontario in 1857, and began to produce Wiser’s Whisky.  In fact, it may have been J.P. Wiser who first used the term “Canadian Whiskey” on a whisky label when he introduced his spirit to the World at the Chicago’s World Fair in 1893. In 2015, Wiser’s 18 Year Old Whisky underwent a brand change whereby the whisky was re-identified as J.P. Wiser’s 18 Year Old Whisky. It was also no longer advertised as a Limited Edition Release. The spirit inside the bottle however, is still aged a minimum of 18 years in used bourbon barrels.

Here is a link to the Rum Howler #19 Canadian Whisky in my list of the 100 Best of 2017:

Review: J.P. Wiser’s 18 Years Old

“… The entry into the mouth is a double whammy of wood and grain spice combined with vanilla, light baking spices and sweet butterscotch and maple. The wood and grain spices are definitely the hallmark of the dram, and if fine oak spices are your thing the J.P. Wiser’s 18 Year Old will have you enthralled …”


Note: To follow the countdown list of the Top 100 Canadian Whiskies of 2017, you should follow me on twitter (Rum Howler on Twitter) using the hashtag #Top100CanadianWhisky.

Alternatively you can view the list as it grows by viewing my Reveal Page here on this website:

The Rum Howler – Top 100 Canadian Whiskies of 2017

The Reveal Page will be updated at as frequently as possible throughout the month of December.

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