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Archive for the ‘Rum Reviews’ Category

Review: English Harbour 5 Year Old Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 9, 2018

Over the next three weeks I will be examining the entire family of English Harbour Rum, the 5 Year Old Rum (which I have examined previously) as well as the 10 and 25 Year Old Rums (which I have not previously reviewed).

According to the Antigua Distillery Limited website all English Harbour Rum is aged in used American bourbon barrels which are charred on the inside. Interestingly, as each barrel is filled a handful of oak chips is added to enhance the interaction of oak and rum. The English Harbour 5 Year Old Rum is a genuine Caribbean rum. The rum is named for the Antiguan naval port of English Harbour which was the site of naval confrontations between the English and the French who were the two major naval powers of the 18th Century.

Here is a link to my recently revised review:

Review: English Harbour 5 Year Rum

“… The initial air above the glass presents a complex aroma of molasses, treacle (burnt caramel), toasted coconut and orange peel. The rum has a smoky quality as well which reminds me of dry fruit (raisins, dates, and prunes). A bit of damp cigar tobacco and some muted almond scents round out the nose …”

Please enjoy my review which includes a nice cocktail suggestion for this rum, the Brooklynite.




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Review: West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants – Central America XO

Posted by Arctic Wolf on March 2, 2018

West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants is a new spirits brand owned by Crucial Drinks. and the aim of this brand is to bottle selected rums from lesser known distilleries or rum producing nations of the world.

The marketing for their rum includes the following statement:

We only select rums from lesser known distilleries or rum producing nations of the world and present them once that rum has reached an age that perfectly represents that country or distillery’s style. Each of our releases is limited to just one barrel. To preserve the character of these rums we do not chill filter or add caramel colouring to them..”

The West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants – Central America expression is part of their Remarkable Regional Rums sub brand which marriages rums from different distilleries from a specific region. The spirit is bottled as an XO Rum (unfortunately undefined) and is a blend of rums from Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: West Indies Rum & Cane Merchants – Central America XO Rum

“… There is a nice sweep of almond flavour which runs through the rum which tastes quite nice. Interestingly the spirit becomes drier and more spicy with each sip.  A light milk chocolate and some vanilla flavour have melded with the butterscotch and light impressions of cinnamon, camphor and resin give the rum a bit of an herbal flair …”

Please enjoy my review which includes my recipe suggestion, my Rum Club Cocktail.


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El Ron Prohibido 15 Gran Reserva

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 23, 2018

El Ron Prohibido is an interesting rum produced in Mexico by the same company which produces Tequila Corralejo. There are three rums in the El Ron Prohibito line-up, a Silver Rum, El Ron Prohibito 12, and El Ron Prohibito 15 Gran Reserva.

Although one might assume that the number 15 represents the age of the El Ron Prohibido Rum, this is not the case. The number 15 represents the number of American Oak barrels in the solera aging system used to mature the rum. Giving this rum a different twist is the fact that these 15 American oak barrels were previously used for maturing Raisin Wine. The Raisin Wine Cask leaves its imprint firmly upon the rum giving us a new flavour profile quite different from a typical Caribbean Rum.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: El Ron Prohibido 15 Gran Reserva

“… As I let the spirit breathe I notice the oak spices evolving with dark tobacco and even more raisins in the air. There is a rich decadence implied. This is not your typical rum, the raisin wine cask has left a firm imprint of it sweet flavour and aroma upon the spirit …”

Please enjoy my review of this unique Mexican Rum.


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Review: Last Straw Distillery Blackstrap

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 21, 2018

The Last Straw Distillery Blackstrap is one the few white spirits in the world actually made from blackstrap molasses rather than sweet molasses. One of the reasons there are so few is because blackstrap is much harder to work with than sweet molasses as the sugar content is lower, and the sugars are harder for the yeast to access. The trade-off is that blackstrap molasses gives a richer, more robust flavour when it is distilled. It took the Distillery about 6 months (of experimentation) to discover a method to obtain reasonable yields out of blackstrap molasses without sacrificing flavour.

You will note that I did not call this spirit rum. This is because Last Straw’s Blackstrap is a new make spirit which has not been aged. Interestingly, if the product were to be produced for the US market, it could legitimately be called a rum; but in Canada where we have stricter rules pertaining to the aging of spirits. To be sold in Canada, rum must be aged for one year in oak barrels. (This means that most white rums are aged in oak and then filtered clear before they are sold in Canada.)

Here is a link to my review of this unique spirit from Canada’s Last Straw Distillery:

Review: Last Straw Distillery Blackstrap

“… The initial aroma is what I call punky with light smells of resin and camphor. Very soon firm aromas of dark licorice, treacle and banana come forward as well as a bonanza of tropical fruit …”

Please enjoy my review as well as my cocktail suggestion, the Brooklynite.


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Review: Flor De Caña 25 Single Estate Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 16, 2018

Flor de Caña has a history of rum production which is dated to 1890 at the San Antonio Sugar Mill, in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. The company was founded by Francisco Alfredo Pellas and today, over 120 years later, the company is still headed by the fifth generation of the Pellas family. It has grown to be not only one of Central America’s leading brands of rum, it is also one of the most recognized rum brands in the world. According to the company website all of the Flor de Caña rum is produced with molasses from sugar cane harvested in fields adjacent to the distillery in Chichigalpa. It is distilled in a continuous column still process, and then laid down to age in small American white oak barrels in traditional aging warehouses built without air conditioning in an undisturbed environment.

The Flor De Caña 25 Single Estate Rum was named “2017 Best Rum of the Year” by the International Rum Conference in Madrid, and it sits at the top of the ladder as far as the Flor De Caña family of rums is concerned. This is a super aged rum with the number 25 on the label representative of the average age of the rums in the blend with some variation in the actual age based upon blending to a consistent flavour profile.

Here is a link to my review of this outstanding rum:

Review: Flor De Caña 25 Single Estate Rum

“… the breezes begin to fill with a wonderful menagerie of oak spice, orange peel, and rich caramel. The longer the glass sits the more enticing the scents and smells above the glass become. The oak, and caramel are joined by vanilla and baking spices which all combines to form a mouth-watering toffee. Those baking spices abound with cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice …”

Please enjoy my review, Chimo!

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