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Posts Tagged ‘Old Parr Whisky’

#74 Old Parr Superior Scotch

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 12, 2015

When whisky writer Jim Murray published his fourth Whisky Bible for the year 2007, he pretty much shocked the whisky world with his selection for 2007 World Whisky of the Year. His choice, Old Parr Superior 18 Year Old Whisky.  This choice rocked the whisky paradigm of connoisseurs and aficionados worldwide. You see Old Parr Superior Whisky, is not a much heralded single malt; in fact it isn’t even a single malt. Old Parr Whisky is a blend!

Old Parr Superior SAM_1889I credit Jim Murray for not only recognizing that blends by their very nature have a capacity to be the superior whisky product, but actually saying it in 2007. The reason blends have the capacity to be superior is simple;  the Master Blender and distillers have so many more choices to work with. Give any craftsmen more choices and they will have the capacity to do better. With Old Parr Superior Whiskey we have the result of just such blending and distilling freedom. A truly great whisky, one of the very best blended Scotch Whiskies I have tasted.

Here is a link to my review of the #74 entry in my 2015 Rum Howler Top 100 Spirits Countdown.

#74 – Old Parr Superior Scotch

“… The wave hits all at once, and I had to let the glencairn glass sit for a moment before I could begin to decipher individuality amongst the myriad of  sensations striking my nostrils.  Trails of smokey peat rising from the glass seem to carry sawgrass, lavender, and marshland willow to my nose.  Sweeter vanilla, and unripened fruit lie in between the smokey trails and the entire process of smelling the glass is heavenly …”


You may follow my Countdown list of the 100 Best Spirits here: The Rum Howler 2015 – Top 100 Spirits

(Happy Thanksgiving Canada!)


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Review: Cointreau

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 14, 2013

SAM_0717 CointreauAdolphe and Edouard-Jean Cointreau first established their distillery in 1849. Although their first success was with a wild cherry liqueur called Guignolet (still available in France); they are more famous for the production of their sweet orange liqueur, Cointreau which was first distilled by Edouard-Jean’s son Edouard. The first bottles of Cointreau were sold in 1875, and by the early 1900′s, sales had reached 800,000 bottles per year. The brand is now owned by Rémy Martin, with annual estimated sales of 13 million bottles, world-wide.

According to the Cointreau website, this orange liqueur is produced according to a secret recipe which includes sun-dried orange peels, alcohol, sugar and water. It is bottled at 40 % alcohol by volume.

You may click on the following excerpt to read my review of this iconic orange liqueur.

Review: Cointreau

“… The nose is very nice with a clear orange notes radiating from the glass into the breezes. I catch wiffs of both fresh-cut Valencia oranges, and what smells to me like the peel of both Mandarin and Curacao oranges. I also note a distinct impression of lemon drop candies wandering through those clear orange notes …”

A few years ago, I designed a bar drink for Old Parr Superior Whisky, which uses Cointreau in conjunction with lime juice and  Orange and Mango Soda. The cocktail called, the Scottish Tumbler, has been included at the end of the review for your enjoyment!

Cheers Everyone, and please remember to enjoy your cocktails in a responsible manner!

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Whiskey Review: Old Parr Superior 18 Year Old Whiskey

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 20, 2010

Its time to return to Scotland and sample one of the most decorated Scottish Blends ever produced, Old Parr Superior 18 year Old Whisky. Old Parr Superior,  is blended and bottled by MacDonald Greenlees Distillers, who in turn are owned by Diageo (click on the link to go to the Diageo website.)

Old Parr Superior was named by Jim Murray as the 2007 World Whisky of the Year, in his 2007 Whisky Bible.    This recognition caused quite a stir and a fair amount of consternation, as the blend was only available overseas, in the Pacific Rim markets.   But collectors and whisky aficionados may now begin to rejoice as rumors have begun to circulate that this whisky is coming to North America.

So in preparation of this event I have prepared a review of the Old Parr Superior whisky using a bottle from my own private collection to sample and taste.  Here is an excerpt from my hard work:

“The whisky arrives in the mouth with a soft chewy peat. The soft peat completely envelops the palate, and it is as if you have to chew through the smoke and peat to get at the other flavours.   As the Old Parr sits on my tongue, the other flavours pop out of the smoke one by one…”

You can read the full review here:

Review: Old Parr Superior Scotch Whisky

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