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Posts Tagged ‘Ragged Rock Rum’

Review: Ragged Rock White Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on July 11, 2013

SAM_0758 Ragged DancerRagged Rock White Rum is produced by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC). The blending stocks for Ragged Rock come from Jamaica, in fact from the same distillery which produces Appleton Estate Rum. These are the same stocks which the NLC uses to produce their Famous Newfoundland Screech Rum and Ragged Rock Amber Rum, although obviously the stocks are treated differently to produce a clear white rum. It should be noted that as per Canadian Law these rum stocks have all been aged for minimum of one full year before being filtered clear to produce the rum.

Note: I was provided a sample bottle of the Ragged Rock White Rum by  Rock Spirits (a division of the Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation)

You may click on the following excerpt to read the full review:

Review: Ragged Rock White Rum 

“… The initial fragrance above the glass is quite striking. I smell very mild butterscotch and vanilla with obvious indications of banana and orange peel in the breezes. There also seems to be a light lemony scent being carried upwards with hints of anise and mint …”

Of course, white rums are cocktail rums, and at the end of my review I designed a nice recipe called the Ragged Canary!

Enjoy the review and the cocktail everyone!


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Review: Ragged Rock Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 26, 2012

Ragged Rock Rum is produced by the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC). It is apparently made  from the same 4 marques of Jamaican Rum which are used to produce their Famous Newfoundland Screech. I was  told that the treatment of these marques is slightly different, which could mean that they are blended in different proportions, or perhaps they are not aged for the same length of time in once used white oak bourbon barrel. (However by Canadian Law all rum, dark, white, spiced or otherwise, must be aged at least full year in oak barrels.) I was  told by a representative of the brand that I should consider the Ragged Rock to be an amber or lighter version of Screech Rum, and perhaps that is the most reasonable description to begin with.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“… I poured a little rum into my glencairn glass, and began as I often do with a good look at the spirit. We have a pale amber spirit which leaves light sheen on the inside of the glass when I tilt and swirl it. A few legs form, but most of the oily sheen disappears back into the glass without fanfare. The initial aroma is one of butterscotch with light impressions of banana and orange peel. The rum smells simple and light in the glass light and not overly complex …”

You may read my full review here:

Review: Ragged Rock Rum

I found the rum to be a great mixer and I have included a nice recipe for your enjoyment, the Ragged Dagger.

Please enjoy the review and my cocktail selection!


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