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Posts Tagged ‘Venezuelan Rum’

Review: Diplomatico Blanco Reserva

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 30, 2010

In the late 1950s, the major companies which were involved in the production and distribution of alcoholic spirits in Venezuela were grouped into one organization called Licorerias Unitas S.A. This company was controlled by Seagrams who owned the majority share of the new consolidated company. After a series of mergers and acquisitions involving Seagrams, Diageo, and Pernod Richard, a decision was made finally to divest in the facilities in Venezuaela  and concentrate instead upon brand commercialization.

The good news is that a group of local investors purchased the manufacturing assets of Licorerias Unitas S.A and formed Distilleries Unitas S.A. (DUSA) on August 22, 2002. Although this company is relatively new, the tradition of making quality rum in these Venezuelan facilities is not. It is a matter of fact that systematic rum production in Venezuela can be dated to 1896.  The DUSA facilities are at the foot of the Terepaimai National Park and from these facilities they produce the wonderful Diplomatico Rums which have garnered so much attention of late.

The Diplomatico Blanco is a very recent addition to the Diplomatico line up. Working with Blend Wine and Spirits, The Blanco was added to the Diplomatico brand to serve as an alternative to premium Vodka for bartenders and connoisseurs. It is meant to occupy the high-end niche market formerly reserved only for high-end Vodka.

It was at Rum Renaissance in Miami Florida, where I met Alex Mejido of Blend Wine and Spirits. Alex gave me a bottle of the Diplomatico Blanco to review on my blog, and although it has been several months since Rum Renaissance, I have finally completed my end of the bargain.  I should point out that I have not necessarily been negligent. I have waited before publishing the review to line things up  (sort of) with the release of this product in my home market of Alberta Canada.

I was informed by PB Beverages that they are about to launch the Diplomatico Blanco in Alberta so my review hopefully is timely.

Here is a link to the review:

Review: Diplomatico Blanco Reserva

As well I have included two new cocktails:

Red Sky at Night and Connie’s Sapphire Cocktail



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Rum Review: Diplomatico Reserva 8 Anos

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 20, 2010

Many months ago I opened my blog with 16 rum reviews which I had written as mad ramblings on the Ministry of Rum.  At the time I had no intention of ever being a spirits writer, I was just sharing my thoughts on various rums using my own unique system of scoring and basically having fun.  Included in those sixteen reviews were my early reviews of  Diplomatico Anejo, and Diplomatico Exclusiva Reserva.  Although the reviews were in many ways cursory, and lacking depth, they nonetheless were noticed by the importers of Diplomatico in my home province, (PB Beverages) and a solid friendly relationship was established. Then recently, I was given a bottle of Diplomatico Reserva, and asked to provide a review such that all three of the major Diplomatico products would be present on my Blog.  There is no point denying my pleasure at this request.  Diplomatico is one of my most favoured spirits companies when it comes to deep rich flavourful rum.  So I accepted the rum sample with no hesitation, and after spending some time getting to know the Reserva, I am happy to share the results of my review with you.

You may read my full review here:

Rum Review: Diplomatico Reserva 8 Anos

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Rum Review: Pampero Anniversario Reserva Exclusiva

Posted by Arctic Wolf on February 28, 2010

In 1938 Industrias Pampero, C.A., a distillery in Venezuela was established.  This distillery is reputed  to be the first distillery in Venezuela to set the high standards for which Venezuelan Rum is now famous for.  The Pampero brand is now controlled by Diageo, one of the largest liquor companies in the world, and Diageo is responsible for marketing and selling the Pampero Rums Wordwide.

Here is an excerpt from my Review:

In the glass the rum is dark, rich and inviting.  A quick swirl reveals moderate legs trailing down the glass and brings scents of brown sugar (baking) spices to the fore. Heavy dark brown sugar, underlain with caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg and spicy oak tannin present a luxurious bouquet to the nose. Hints of tobacco and unfinished leather seem to come and go, and even a few tea leaves seemed scattered in the breezes. This is heady stuff.

Click on the following Link to read the full review:

Review: Pampero Anniversario Reserva Exclusiva

As usual I have included a cocktail Suggestion or two.  Enjoy!!

And I must give a big thank you to the Rum Chums who provided me with the sample to review.   I really appreciate the help that the club has provided.

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Howling Highlight: Tasting Appleton and Diplomatico Rums

Posted by Arctic Wolf on January 22, 2010

I have said it before, having a blog where I review rum and whisky is great.

It was my pleasure  to be invited to a private tasting yesterday hosted by representatives of two wonderful rum companies.  Appleton Estate and Diplomatico rums.  The line up was impressive, with 7 rums in all and a bonus, a new rum liqueur from Diplomatico, the Hacienda Saruro.

Let me step you through the line up and give you my observations as well as the feedback I was hearing around the tasting table.

The first set of rums, we were given was a direct comparative tasting of Diplomatico Anejo, and Appleton VX.   These are  the entry level rums for each company, although I cringe at the phrase ‘entry level’.  The Diplomatico Anejo is a full four years old, and the Appleton VX  is a blend of 15 aged rums.

The Diplomatico Anejo showed nice legs in the glass, with a sweet almost floral bouquet of caramel and light cinamon spice.  It had a nutty, buttery sweetness and finished long and relatively smooth

The Appleton VX was lighter in the glass, but had a more complex oak aroma.  The spices were hotter and sharper with far less sweetness.  Orange peel and dried fruit were on the palate with a light brown sugar.

The second set was Diplomatico Reserva and Appleton Reserve.

Diplomatico Reserva, was less floral. It had an oaky taint to it that surprised me.  More complex with less butter in the mouth and more of a rough edge to it.

The Appleton Reserve was on the other hand a slightly more mellow version of the VX.  The vanilla accent was a little firmer and there was a little polish and craftsmanship showing.

Then we stepped up to the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and the Appleton Extra 12 year.

The transformation in the Diplomatico from the Reserva to the Reserva Exclusiva was startling.  Fat legs in the glass, and a beautiful honeyed aroma with accents of  mild spices entwined into the rummy caramel.  This was sweet and smooth with a full caramel and toasted nut flavour profile.

The Appleton Extra  was also markedly different from its predecessor,  a hint of chocolate on the nose with a darker richer caramelized aroma.  Heavier legs added body to the drink and the palate showed distinctive tones of charred coconut and burnt caramel and brown sugar.  The oak was very evident in the mouth and finish.

Finally to top the evening off we were treated to the Appleton Legacy, and the Hacienda Saruro.

The Appleton Legacy was stupendous, with a complexity unmatched by the other spirits.  Having gone through the stages from VX to Reserve to the 12 year old Extra, I could taste the signature Appleton flavour profile throughout.  As we progressed up the ladder, the complexity of flavour increased to a wonderful climax with the Legacy.

The Hacienda Saruro was an elegant desert and perfect ending drink.   Suave and silky with fantastic sweet rum flavour, I found myself secretly pouring a second glass when no one was looking.  It is absolutely yummy.

What an evening,  what wonderful rum I was allowed to indulge in.  I did not make any judgments as when eight rums are consumed in such a short session, it is virtually impossible to assign meaningful scores.  I will say that there is a real difference in philosophy between the two rums.   Appleton Rums are tangy, complex and oaky with the emphasis on that particular flavour profile, whereas Diplomatico’s emphasis is rums that are buttery, nutty and sweet.   My sense was that the entire room of guests was very satisfied with both styles.

To help you further I have provided links to several reviews I had completed prior to being invited to this tasting.   More reviews will follow as I have been promised samples to review most of the other rums tasted last night.

Review Appleton Estate Extra 12 year

Review Appleton Estate Master Blender’s Legacy

Review: Diplomático Añejo

Review: Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

I would like to thank the wonderful people from Appleton Estate and Diplomatico Rums for inviting me.  You treated myself and the other gueats to a wonderful evening!

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Rum Review: Pampero Seleccion 1938

Posted by Arctic Wolf on November 27, 2009

The country of Venezuela produces some fantastic rum.  I have already reviewed the Santa Theresa 1796 from Venezuela, as well I have  featured the Venezuelan Diplomatico Rums in one of my first Howling Highlights. There is a third famous rum family from Venezuela, The Pampero Rum family.

A few weeks ago I gave you my first impressions of Pampero Seleccion 1938 when  I found what I believe was one of the last bottles for sale in Edmonton.  Now I cannot find the rum anywhere in the Province, and sadly it seems the entire family of Pampero rums will be absent from Alberta shelves this winter.

Fortunately for my readers I did find one bottle, and now I have completed five separate tasting for this rum and also experimented with a few cocktails.  You can read the results of this hard labour here:

Review: Pampero Seleccion 1938 (Rum)

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Howling Highlights – Diplomatico Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on October 18, 2009

Every week I plan to do what I will call my Howling Highlights.   I will try to bring forward some explanation of certain rums or rum companies and relate the highlight to some reviews I have in my reviews section.

The first Highlight is on Diplomatico Rum.  I discovered Diplomatico just this past summer.  Their rums are full of flavour and spices with just enough sweetness to put them into the stratosphere.

Diplomatico rums are made in Venezuela by Distilerias Unidas, S.A.

I could give you some sort of history here but why not click the above link and do a little browsing of their website.  They can tell you their story better than I can.  If you are interested in my reviews of  Diplomatico Rums, Here they are:

Diplomatico Reserva Eclusiva (Rum Review)

Diplomatica Reserva Eclusiva

Stupendous bouquet. So rich and luxurious that I can hardly keep it from my mouth. Mostly caramel with nice hints of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and walnut…..



Diplomatico Anejo (Rum Review)

Diplomatico Anejo 2

Nutty (hazelnut and walnut) aroma mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar. Darker in atmosphere  and more brooding aroma than the Exclusiva Reserva even though the spirit is lighter……



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