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Posts Tagged ‘Wiser’s Whisky’

Whisky Review: Wiser’s Special Blend Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 22, 2010

I noticed a change on the new bottles of Wiser’s Special Blend about two years ago.  The older bottles proudly proclaimed, ‘Wiser’s Special Blend Canadian Rye Whisky‘, whereas  the newer labels say ‘Wiser’s Special Blend Canadian Whisky‘.  The difference of course is the word “rye” which has been taken off the label. It is small changes like that which give me cause for apprehension.  I like rye whisky, and as the number of Canadian rye blends is diminishing, I am growing concerned that my favourite whisky will one day be only a memory.  Fortunately for me, I was recently given a bottle with the new label by the folks at Wiser’s in the hopes that I would provide an honest review of the Special Blend.  It so happens that I already owned a bottle carrying the previous label so I intend to compare the two bottles to see if the blend as well as the label has changed.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“…In the glass, the Wiser’s Special Blend shows itself as a rich copper coloured whisky with lighter shades of amber.   The vapour from the glass is  mildly spicy,  and seems to be  sweetened with an aroma of  ripe fruit.   Light hints of caramel lie in the breezes as well…”

You may read the rest of the review here:

Review: Wiser’s Special Blend Canadian Whisky

Two original cocktails have been added and both are “forrest approved“.  Click on the following link to visit his great site, a drink with forrest.



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Whisky Review: Wiser’s De Luxe Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on May 14, 2010

Wiser’s De Luxe Canadian Whisky

I am continuing my journey through the Wiser’s family of Canadian whiskies. Previously I have reviewed, the Wiser’s Small Batch Canadian Whisky, and the Wiser’s Red Letter Canadian Whisky. I am writing my reviews in no particular order, preferring to sample and taste at my leisure rather than conforming to a particular schedule.

Wiser’s De Luxe is a premium whisky from Wiser’s Canadian Distillers, (owned by H. Corby Distilling Company).  Originally founded by John Philip Wiser, the company has produced Whisky since 1957.  In fact, it may have been J.P. Wiser who first used the Term “Canadian Whiskey” on a whisky label when he introduced his brand of whisky to the World at the Chicago’s World fair in 1893.

Today Wiser’s De Luxe is distilled at the Hiram Walker Distillery in Walkerville, Ontario (since 1989), and aged in their facilities at Pike Creek near Lakeshore Ontario.   There is no age statement on the Wiser’s De Luxe, but my sense from the sampling and tasting is that we have a blend of whiskies no younger than 8 years and perhaps as old as 12.

Here is an excerpt from my review:

“….I took my first sip of  Wiser’s De Luxe, and I was delighted by an aggressive oak toffee which coated my tongue and provided the foundation for the whisky’s flavour profile.   The oak is deep and rich in the mouth with a hint of smoke (perhaps this is a whisper of dried fruit instead).   I also taste orange peel, vanilla, corn and rye in that order of dominance.  A wonderful mildly sweet honey and caramel lies under these flavours….”

You may read the full review here:

Review: Wiser’s De Luxe Canadian Whisky

As well as the review I have provided a new cocktail suggestion for Wiser’s De Luxe Canadian Whisky.

Please Enjoy the review.

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Whisky Review: Wiser’s Small Batch Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 30, 2010

Over the next several months, I plan to complete a review series of  Wiser’s Canadian Whiskies    I will start with a relatively new member to the Wiser’s portfolio, the Wiser’s Small Batch Canadian Whisky, and then I will wander through their whisky family, reviewing the Wiser’s Special Blend, The Wiser’s Deluxe, and the Wiser’s 18 Year Old in no particular order.  I will also complete a full review of a brand new Wiser’s Canadian Whisky, Wiser’s Legacy.   ( I have previously provided a first impression of the Legacy (click the link to read this first impression), and now that the Wiser’s Legacy  bottles will hit the store shelves soon it seems a good time to do this review series.)

An astute person may ask about the Wiser’s Red Letter Whisky, the recently named Canadian Whisky of the Year in the Jim Murray 2010 Whisky Bible,  but an even more astute person will realize that I reviewed the Red Letter last year in November. A second review so quickly is hardly necessary.  If you are interested,   The review for the Wiser’s Red Letter whisky can be found here.

I  confess that I look forward with great anticipation to this review series.  I have always enjoyed the Wiser’s Whisky brands and the chance to give the entire whisky family a good once over with my review system is an opportunity that I cannot resist.

Here is an excerpt from my first review for the Wiser’s Small batch Canadian Whisky:

“The whisky is soft and supple on the tongue with a richness that I do not encounter in the Canadian Whisky Category very often.  Hot oak spices tickle the tongue in a smooth delivery which carries flavours of  butterscotch, maple, and ripe fruit.  Corn and light rye flavours provide the foundation upon which  the sweeter flavours are carried….

You may read the entire review here:

Whisky Review: Wiser’s Small Batch Canadian Whisky

As usual I have a few cocktail suggestions for this whisky. Enjoy the review.

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Whisky Review: Wiser’s Red Letter Canadian Whisky

Posted by Arctic Wolf on November 11, 2009

Wiser's Red LetterIn 1857  J.P Wiser began making whisky.  This whisky, known as Wiser’s Red Letter Rye, was a huge success and led to the companies original good fortunes both in Canada and the United states.  In 2007 Wiser’s celebrated the 150th anniversary of this success by making a special anniversary bottling of J.P. Wiser’s Original Red Letter Canadian Whisky.  Only 6000 bottles were produced, with all of the whiskey finished for an extra 150 days in virgin white oak casks.  This final finish was similar to the entire aging that the original whisky produced 150 years ago received.

Here is a link to my review of this spectacular whisky:

Review: Wiser’s Red Letter Canadian Whisky

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