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Posts Tagged ‘Extra Anejo’

Review: Adictivo Tequila Añejo

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 11, 2020

Tequila Adictivo was founded by Gildardo Partida, a third generation ‘tequileros’ from San Diego whose family apparently has a rich tradition of tequila manufacture and distribution which reaches back over 100 years. Adictivo Tequila was formerly produced at Tequilas Gonzalez Lara, S.A. de C.V. Distillery, (NOM 1560 CRT) in Los Vallos (the lowlands) at El Arenal, Jalisco. Knowing that the spirit is produced in the lowlands, gives us a clue as to its taste profile. Lowland grown agave will usually bring more earthy/punky fruit flavours through the distillation than highland agave which tends to bring more citrus-like fruit flavours through the distillation as well as a light squeal of white pepper. Of course Lowland distilleries may source their agave from the Highlands and vice versa or even use both styles of agave in their production of tequila.

According to the website information, Adictivo Tequila Extra Añejo was aged for 7 years in French Oak casks and bottled at 40 % alcohol by volume.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Adictivo Tequila Añejo

“… The sweetness seems exaggerated, but not to the point I noted in earlier reviews of the Anejo and Reposado.  The typically robust agave has either been filtered to take the blunt edges off, or is being suppressed by the sweetness …”

Please enjoy the review.




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Review: Companero Extra Anejo Rum

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 1, 2020

Companero Extra Anejo Rum is a rum brand owned by 1423 Worldclass Spirits. The spirit was distilled in Panama (at an undisclosed distillery) and is sold in Canada through the LCBO .  It is also the rum featured in the number 1 slot in the company’s 2020 24 Days of Rum – The Original Rum Tasting Box Rum advent calendar.

Here is a link to my full review:

Review: Companero Extra Anejo Rum

“… Heavy Bodied sweet rum full of chocolate flavour.  I like the rum, but I am annoyed that the spirit is labeled as a extra anejo rum; but it seems obvious that the spirit has been flavoured and sweetened. I suspect it should properly be labeled as a flavoured rum …”

Please enjoy the review, Hopefully time will permit me to complete more spirit reviews as we run up to Christmas.

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24 Days of Rum (#21) – Ron Roble Extra Anejo (Venezuela)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on December 21, 2019

With three days left in my rum advent I am travelling to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a country on the northern coast of South America which has seen more than its fair share of political turmoil over the past few years. Despite these troubles Venezuela has maintained its high standards in the production of rum as my recent tasting of the magnificent Ron Roble Extra Anejo will attest.

Ron Roble Viejo Rums are produced in Venezuela through the artistry of Ron Noble’s Master Rum Blender, Giorgio Melis, a Chemical Engineer with more than 50 years experience in the spirits industry. According to the company website, their best reserves from 8 to 12 Years are blended to create the Ron Roble Extra Anejo Rum.

Here is a link to my tasting notes and scores for the No. 23 spirit in the 24 Days of Rum – The Original Rum Tasting Box:

Review: Ron Roble Extra Anejo

“… Oak spices deepen and thicken, toffee and dark brown sugar come into focus mixing with baking spices, there are hints of marzipan and apricot jam. The breezes are very enticing …”


Note: 24 Days of Rum – The Original Rum Tasting Box produced by 1423 World Class Spirits contains 24 handpicked rums from 24 different countries all over the world. It features an extraordinary opportunity to sample a wide variety of premium rums allowing you to hone in on the particular style which suits your palate. As indicated in my previously published review (here) This Rum Advent Calendar is a highly recommended gift for the rum enthusiast.

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Review: Cabresto Don Silver Reserve Series Extra Añejo

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 29, 2016

Extra Anejo (Cabresto) SAM_2574On March 7th, 2016 Tequila Cabresto released the latest addition to their line of premium tequila, Don Silver Reserve Series Extra Añejo. This is a 100 % agave tequila which (according to the media information sent to me) has been aged for seven years in American white oak former whiskey barrels.

Although the Cabresto website does not specify the exact distillery which produces this agave spirit, I did notice that the identified NOM on the bottom of the label 1509. This NOM identifier is required by the Mexican Government to be placed on the label of each bottle of tequila to verify that it is produced legally from agave sourced in the Tequila region of Mexico. Each distillery has its own NOM, and thus we can trace the distillery of origin. In this case the producing distillery is Tequila Embajador who incidentally also produce Alma de Agave and of course Embajador Tequila.

Here is a Link to my full review of this rare extra-anejo tequila from Cabresto:

Review: Cabresto Don Silver Reserve Series Extra Añejo

“… The extra-anejo spirit brings light sandalwood and oak spices into the air alongside a nice rich agave presence. Light caramel scents accent the agave and the oak, and as I continue to nose the glass the three aspects of the aroma seem to merge together forming a lightly sweet impression of agave oak syrup. Peppery spices build up as does the firm earthy agave presence. Tea leaves, bits of milk chocolate and hints of cinnamon round out the nose which is very inviting …”

Please enjoy my review of this outstanding aged spirit.


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Cocktail Hour: El Hereje (the Mexican Heretic)

Posted by Arctic Wolf on June 28, 2016

A few years ago I spent some time exploring Brandy and Cognac cocktails here on this website. I worked through a few of the classics, and I created a few of my own recipes. One of my favourite creations was a serving called the Heretic Cocktail. This was a serving I constructed with the aim of demonstrating that expensive spirits which many would consider to be reserved solely for sipping can and should be used in delicious cocktails as well. My Heretic Cocktail not only featured a fine Cognac (Pierre Ferrand Original 1840 Formula Cognac), it also featured an excellent 20 Year Old Brandy (Miguel Torres 20 Year Old Brandy).

El Herejo SAM_2602Today I am demonstrating that the heretical idea of mixing two Tequila spirits of different ages and characters within one cocktail can yield wonderful results as well. My recipe combines the slightly rougher Cabresto Reposado Tequila with the more full flavoured Cabresto Extra Anejo Tequila (advertised as a seven-year-old spirit).

Although some of my critics may insist that mixing a wonderful sipping tequila with its younger sibling in a sour style cocktail is a heresy; I counter with the observation that the results are delicious!

El Hereje
(the Mexican Heretic)

1 oz  Cabresto Reposado Tequila
1 oz Cabresto Don Silver Exta Anejo Tequila
1 oz fresh Orange Juice
1/2 oz fresh Lemon Juice
1/4 oz Sugar Syrup (1:1 ratio)
2 dashes Orange Bitters
Lemon Slice

Add the first six ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice
Shake until the outside of the shaker begins to frost
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
Garnish with a lemon slice

Please Enjoy Responsibly!

If  you are interested in more of my original cocktail recipes, please click this link (Cocktails and Recipes) for more of my mixed drink recipes!

Please Note: My review for the wonderful Cabresto Don Silver Extra Anejo will publish tomorrow. Chimo!

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